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Your Essential Richness Part 9: Wrapping It All Up

Your Essential Richness: : Manifestation

We now come to the end of the series Your Essential Richness.

In Article 1 we looked at richness and what it means. We looked at money and its role in richness. How and why money is important, and how does it serve.

We looked at why money must circulate and how to be conscious of prosperity

Also, we examined whether and why people have a fear of money, whether there will ever be a time when we don’t use money.

In Article 2 we delved deeper, asking the question: how much money or wealth is enough for you? We stressed the importance of paying yourself first in any undertaking.

All the above was a prelude to defining your richness and whether you define it strictly in money terms or does richness have a deeper dimension.

Whatever richness means to you, there is a process by which you go about obtaining it. The first step was outlined in Article 3 when we discussed forming a mental picture of what you want - this could take the form of visual images using a picture board, or it could be in verbal form by saying affirmations, or by meditation.  Whatever your preference there is a way you can start the process.

Your Essential Richness: : Possibility

Anything Is Possible

In Article 4 we looked at the idea that anything is possible and to dismiss any thoughts of failure.

We mentioned faith as a motivator. Whether you are religious or not, faith is an important means by which you proceed to attain your desires. Finally we stressed that what you want will happen naturally and that you should not force things along unnaturally.

This all leads to 4 principles by which you must operate:

  1. Relax and visualise yourself in possession of the good that you desire. Believe in that it is possible, not impossible.
  2. Let go and have faith that your good will be delivered to you.
  3. Let the faith motivate you to take all the steps necessary to receive the good.
  4. Allow time to pass for the good to manifest.

In Article 5 we stressed the fact that you must expect an abundance if you are too make things happen, and in Article 6 we mentioned that sometimes you need to take a risk to get what you want. In Article 7 we pointed out that you need to do things in a way that may not seem to be working, and when all is said and done, it may just come down to the wire. 

With Article 8 we added that you shouldn’t let past failures hold you back. This is the well known adage that ‘the past is not the present or the future’. Don’t carry any baggage around with you as it will always hold you back from your essential richness.

Your Essential Richness: : Moving Forward

Your Essential Richness - Moving Forward...

So we get to the end of this series and ask: are you ready to move forward? Do you need to make room in your life for the changes ahead? Maybe you need to do something symbolic like getting rid of old clothes or junk from the garage.

Whatever, you should do what it takes to move forwards into your essential richness. Take note of all the issues mentioned above. Re-read the articles many times to pick up the subtleties.

A brilliant future lies ahead!