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Finding Your Life’s Purpose: Part 1 – The Building Blocks

Are you someone who is totally bamboozled about your life purpose?

You're not alone - in fact some people reckon that less that 1 percent of us really know our purpose and live a purposeful life.

In my own life, I only came across my purpose late in life - in my late 50's - after having spent some 40 or so years in 3 different 'careers' (see 'My Story' for more information).

How did I find that purpose then?

Basically by discovering what I didn't want!

And believe me, this is a very inefficient way to go about it!

One of the reasons I became a Life Coach is because I wanted to help people find their life purpose quicker than I did, so they could have that life on purpose for much longer.

How to discover your life purpose?

In this series of articles we'll be delving into a number of topics that include the contributors to the way your life is now, how you can discover your purpose in life, and how to implement a new manifesto for your life.

In this 9 part series we will cover the following:

1. Childhood influences and conditioning

Life Purpose Coaching - Childhood Influences

Child Prodigy?

What we experience early in life often sets the tone for the rest of our life.

When we are very young, we have not developed the ability to think independently and critically evaluate the information we are receiving.

We accept things as true that may not be so.

2. Passions and Interests

Life's Purpose - Passions

The Passions Of Life!

We ask the question: are your passions and interests really your life purpose?

3. Talents and Skills

Are the things you are good at really 'your life purpose?'

What's Your Personality Type?

We look a little more into the 16 basic personality types as described by the Myers-Briggs test.

Understanding this can help you define who you are and how best to take advantage of that.

5. Coincidences

How many times have you noticed coincidences in your life?

How do circumstances 'conspire' or 'line up' to produce a situation or path in your life?

6. Beliefs

What Do You Believe?

We covered this in the series on the Internal Map Of Reality, but here we'll look more closely at limiting beliefs and how they can be overcome and converted into empowering beliefs.

7. Life Changing Events And Experiences

Was there an event in your life that changed it?

Often an individual experience can be so profound as to set up the course of your life.

But in many cases, this life experience changes your life for the worse, not the better.

How can these experiences be used to the best?

8. Clarifying your purpose.

Look At Things Through The Magnifying Glass

After looking at the above factors, we'll outline some steps you can take to clarify your purpose.

9. Writing your manifesto

What is YOUR manifesto?

Finally, once you have clarified your purpose, it is a simple matter to put this into an expanded manifesto.

If you would like to read a powerful audiobook on the Power Of Purpose, by Les Brown, click here.