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Build Your Self Confidence Part 7 – Stop Trying To Control Or Change That Which You Can’t

In the final article in this series, we look at the things that we probably shouldn't try and control if we are to build our self confidence.If everyone could control 100% of everything happening in their

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Share Your Dreams – What Dreams Are You Afraid To Share?

In this article we look at dreams and why some are afraid to share them.You have a dream in your heart. It’s the one that’s so precious, so fragile, and so important to you that you don’t share it

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6 Inspiring Morning Quotes To Make Your Day Buzz Along!

In this article we share 6 Inspiring Morning QuotesYou've probably toyed with the idea already.You've heard there are better ways to start your day and even considered how you might become more intentional

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9 Positive Reasons To Try Something New

What comes to mind when someone tells you to try something new? Are you eager to jump in and try it out, or are you afraid of possible adverse outcomes? You see, most people get scared away by the

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How Affirmations Can Melt Your Fears Away

In this article we look at how using affirmations can reduce anxiety and melt your fears away.Affirmations can be a simple way to address your fears and make progress in a non-threatening way. Affirmations

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8 Ways To Stay Calm In Any Situation

In this article we will be looking at 8 ways to stay calm in any situation. This information is crucial in the current era, as discussed below.Pandemic Preface!As I write this we are 2 years into the 'Covid

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Life Principle #8: Good and Bad Generalizations

Do you often find yourself always experiencing the 'same old same old' - for instance, no matter what you seem to do to get ahead, you always fall behind?The answer lies in how you perceive and generalize

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Overcome Shyness In 6 Easy Ways

Overcome Shyness In 6 Easy WaysShyness is a common complaint, especially among school-age children. But adults can also be shy and find their shyness to be a frustrating barrier to living life to the

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Do You Have A Fear Of Success?

The idea that someone can be afraid of success sounds may sound a bit odd to you. Fear of failure is easier for most people to comprehend, but a fear of success? It sounds crazy!After all, who wouldn’t

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