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Your Essential Richness Part 1: Looking At Money

I'll buy you a diamond ring my friendIf it makes you feel alrightI'll get you anything my friendIf it makes you feel alright'Cause I don't care too much for moneyMoney can't buy me love- John Lennon and

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Life Principle #9 – The Neutral Universe

or... 'Life's a Prison - If You Say So!'There is a scene in Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' where he meets his old friends Rosencrantz and Guildernstern. As part of the opening banter, Hamlet refers to the country

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Is There More To Abundance Than Money?

Is There More To Abundance Than Money?Some people equate financial success with abundance. Having money may be a significant part of having plenty, but there’s much more to it.Abundance is a mindset

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Do You Need Gratitude?

How are you feeling these days?If you're feeling crook, my sympathy!It's possible you may be missing an important ingredient to life, namely Gratitude. (It's like eating fries without salt!)Why Gratitude?Well,

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The Processes That Run Our Life

We all know that we all experience the world through a combination of our mind and our senses. But we all process these stimuli differently. This difference is called our ‘subjective’ reality,

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Video: The Magical Science Behind The Law Of Attraction

This short video shows you how the Law Of Attraction is valid scientifically. Get Started Here

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