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Life's Purpose - Passions

Find Your Life’s Purpose By Asking Yourself These 5 Questions

In this article we look at 5 Questions to ask yourself to find your life's purposeSome people seem to be born knowing what they want in life. They find their passions or their talents early and just know

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Find Your Passion - Passion Flower

4 Strategies To Finally Find Your Passion

In this article we look at 4 guidelines to help you find your passionAre you tired enough of living your current life to make a serious change?It’s easy to be told to “follow your passion". However

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Finding Yourself: The Secret

The Secret to Finding Yourself'Trying to find yourself' has gotten a mixed reputation. It can be a convenient excuse when you want to break up with someone without mentioning the real reasons. It can

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Fulfilled People and their 5 Wicked Practices

Fulfilled People and their 5 Wicked Practices!Have you noticed that some people just seem to be naturally content? They always seem to be cheery and fulfilled, no matter what’s happening in their lives.

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Find A Passion That Makes You Happy

Find a Passion That Makes You HappyFinding a passion in life is one of the most important links in the circle of happiness. If you’ve ever felt passionate about something, you know how it puts a smile

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Is There More To Abundance Than Money?

Is There More To Abundance Than Money?Some people equate financial success with abundance. Having money may be a significant part of having plenty, but there’s much more to it.Abundance is a mindset

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Start A Passion Project and Add Meaning To Your Life

In this article we talk about the idea of a Passion Project as a way to add meaning to your life.There's a reason why celebrities, instructors, coaches and even Pinterest forums are speaking about passion

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Finding Your Life’s Purpose: Part 1 – The Building Blocks

Are you someone who is totally bamboozled about your life purpose?You're not alone - in fact some people reckon that less that 1 percent of us really know our purpose and live a purposeful life.In my own

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Finding Your Life Purpose Part 9 – Clarify Your Purpose

In this article we'll sum everything up and give you some tools to clarify your Life Purpose.So far we've looked at a number of factors that contribute to your life purpose. Note that each one alone is

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Finding Your Life Purpose Part 8 – Life Changing Events And Experiences

This article examines how life changing experiences and events can influence or otherwise contribute to your life purpose.Life Changing Events and Your Life PurposeBy now you will have gained an understanding

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