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How to Stop Worrying By Using 30 Minutes

In this article we look at how to stop worrying in 5 steps that will take just 30 minutes of your day.Are you a chronic worrier? Worry can wreck your entire day if you let it. But did you know you have

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Survive And Thrive: 8 Ways To Come Out On Top Of Upheaval

Survive And Thrive: 8 Ways To Come Out On Top Of Upheaval"An awful virus threatens society... A loved one dies...The economy shifts... You lose your job..."Let’s face it, upheaval happens whether you’re

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3 Ways To Find Hope In Uncertain Times

3 Ways To Find Hope In Uncertain TimesLet's face it, the last 18 months or so have not been the best for most people on this earth! All we have to do is to glance at the headlines to see that!But in general,

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Stoicism: An Introduction

An Introduction To StoicismStoicism is a philosophy founded in ancient Greece around 300 BC. This philosophy teaches how to focus on what you can control to live your best possible life. The British have

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Laws of the Universe #7: The Law Of Non Resistance

Today we consider the 7th in the so-called 'Laws of the Universe,' 'The Law Of Non-Resistance.'This law basically states that 'What You Resist Persists'I'm sure most of us have been in situation where

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Keep A Stiff Upper Lip… If you can!

I was reminded the other day about what we do in the face of adversity.Many people freak out and are not able to control themselves.Others are just the opposite - they hold their breath and endure it.The

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