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Your Essential Richness Part 4: Trust The Source And Let It Happen

Your Essential Richness Part 4: Trust The Source And Let It Happen

Trust The Source And Let It Happen: Spring


In this week’s article we’re going depart somewhat from the ‘scientific’ way of understanding your essential richness and concentrate on a way that you can get the things that you desire.

This way relies more on faith than it does of knowledge. Faith is an extraordinary phenomenon.

You do not need to be religious to have faith. Faith can be anything you choose to believe in and if you wish to expose and foster your essential richness, faith is a key factor in achieving it. 

As Napoleon Hill said

“Directed faith makes every thought crackle with power.

You can rise to limitless heights, impelled by the lifting force of your mighty new self-confidence”.

Trust The Source And Let It Happen: Possibility Abounds! 

Trust The Source And Let It Happen: Possibility - Emily Dickenson

When considering our essential richness, one idea that we should all accept is that anything is possible.

The idea of possibility can also be described as potential, and even the idea that possibility/potential is indeed the fabric of the universe.

It was William Wattles who wrote the following statement:

“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.

A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.

You can form things in your thought, and by impressing your thought upon formless substance, and so can cause the thing you think about to be created.”

You can listen to this in chapter 4 of the video below:

Click to play

This ‘thinking stuff’ could also be referred to as ‘possibility’ or ‘potential’.

I have referred to the 'thinking stuff' in past articles. It is the ‘monist’ view of the universe that was a feature of the ‘New Thought’ movement.

Monism is the view that there is only one substance from which all things are made, and to which all things revert to.

We could also refer to the 'thinking stuff' as energy. Physicists state that energy is equal to the mass times the speed of light squared (e=mc2).

In this sense matter and energy are one and the same - merely different manifestations of the same ‘stuff’.

Ultimately, this is a really long-winded way of saying that the universe is truly unlimited. Our interaction with it can produce unlimited potential (possibilities) for wealth and richness.

Not only that, because we are of the universal substance, we can and do communicate with it.

Inasmuch as you use faith in your life it will enable your essential richness to come forth.

Trust The Source And Let It Happen: Faith in Tough Times

Trust The Source And Let It Happen: Tough Times

We all know that there can be tough times, and it seems like it is a universal axiom. Yet people still succeed at their goals and dreams. This is because they all have faith in their vision.

Whatever your religion or faith, you need to use it in your favour when times get tough.

If you have written affirmations, reinforce these by reading them out aloud. If you have no affirmations, write some out!

The best formula to adopt can be found in the previous article in this series.

Let It Happen Naturally And Without Force

Many people are impatient with their goals. They are so transfixed with the idea of them that they want to rush in. Oftentimes they are so unprepared that they fail miserably. 

But they are overlooking one important thing, which can be expressed by the following statement: "all seeds have a gestation or incubation period before they manifest."

In other words, all good things take time. This is often referred to as the second part of the ‘Law of Gender’.  (You will need to search for the word 'faith' in this article to find this definition).

The idea is to be patient  - all ideas move into form in the right time. Trying to force it to happen will most usually result in failure.

Trust The Source And Let It Happen: Manifestation

Summary and Conclusion - 4 Principles For Manifestation

In this article we highlighted the importance of faith and the recognition of the universal Law of Gender - that all good things take time.

Out of this we can generate 4 principles or procedures:

  1. Relax and visualise yourself in possession of the good that you desire. Believe that it is possible, not impossible.
  2. Let go and have faith that your good will be delivered to you.
  3. Let the faith motivate you to take all the steps necessary to receive the good.
  4. Allow time to pass for the good to manifest.

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