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Your Essential Richness Part 8: Let The Dead Bury The Dead

Let The Dead Bury The Dead:  Look To The Future

Let The Dead Bury The Dead

Let The Dead Bury The Dead! Have you ever tried something new, only to be continually thrown back to you past failures? 

Chances are you are still dwelling in the past and have not been able to remove those blocks.

There is a saying from the Christian Bible that goes like this: 

“He said to another man, ‘Follow me.’

But he replied, 'Lord, first let me go and bury my father.'

Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.” 

(Luke 9: 60-61)

Many people have a lot of baggage to jettison before they move on to greener pastures.

If you are to make a commitment to something, do not carry forward your hangups from the past.

If you keep the baggage, your life will be poisoned with it until you resolve to jettison it.

All successful people adhere to this principle. 

The inventor Thomas Edison tried 10,000 times to come up with a working light bulb.

If he had dwelled on all his failures he would probably have died a bitter old man, and we would literally all still be in the ‘dark ages!’

Let The Dead Bury The Dead: Edison Quote

Let The Dead Bury The Dead: Discard The Old Baggage!

Carrying around baggage from the past puts a damper on your attitude and can sabotage your success.

If you have had a bad experience in one business, don’t carry a grudge around for it, as this will hamper your progress in your current business.

Off-load your troubles and focus on the new. The past is the past, and that’s where you should leave it!

This has happened to me in the past. I had a number of different careers before I became a coach.

During the first few, I was still reflecting on some very bad experiences I had in my first job, where there were a number of toxic personalities that made my life hell.

Unfortunately it had an adverse effect on each job I went to, until I realised what was happening and was able to put it firmly in the past and move forward.

Let The Dead Bury The Dead... But don't completely discard the past!

You might say that to completely discard the past is foolish… Well that’s quite true.

The only reason to refer to the past is to learn from mistakes, not to dwell on them. In other words, you should have a constructive attitude to the past rather than a destructive one.

When you are pressing on to a new life or business, focus on the new life or business, not on the past failures. 

As mentioned in Article 3, form an image of your new life and move forward. Focus on possibilities not failures.

By doing this you will create a positive set of emotions that will in turn lead to positive actions, your ultimate success - and your essential richness!

Let The Dead Bury Th: The Past Is Your Lessone Dead

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