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Churchill’s Paradigm Shift

One anecdote from the movie ‘Darkest Hour’ has Churchill radically changing his thinking as a result of a meeting with ‘ordinary’ Brits. Are you prepared to radically change your

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How You Can Have a Paradigm Shift

Tune in to a powerful, LIVE Webinar with two of Bob Proctor’s closest students – Arash Vossoughi and Mykie Stiller – to discover how you can have a Paradigm Shift that takes the results

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Video: Create the life you really want

I thought you’d like to take a look at a video recorded a couple of years ago. In it, Bob Proctor talks about THE most important thing you need to know to create the life you really want. If you

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Why Repetition is the Key to Changing Your Paradigm

Watch Bob Proctor discuss why repetition is important to make any change in your life. Click Here to Enroll in the next Paradigm Shift Live Stream. There are 2-3 of these presented each year and the registration

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Can You Catch The Big Kahuna?

One of the pearls of wisdom I picked up from the Paradigm Shift live stream last February (2018) was about goals. Now, if you have been around the personal development space for a while, you probably don’t

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