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Life Principle #7 – Witnessing (Step Back From Anger and Fear!)

In this article we look at how we can step away from unwanted events such as fear. The key is to 'witness' yourself 'doing' those emotions.Angry!Scared!A few days ago I checked my email and received all

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What Are Binaural Beats And How Can They Improve Brain Function?

You may have heard of binaural beats and wondered what they are. In essence, they are sound frequencies that can be used as a way to produce the types of brainwaves needed to complete different tasks.

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Creating Intentional Habits – How to Set Yourself Up to Win Every Day

by Jeff Walker, Creator of Product Launch Formula & New York Times Bestselling AuthorOne of the ways that I've gotten the results I've gotten in my life, which, at least by my standards has been pretty

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Video: The Magical Science Behind The Law Of Attraction

This short video shows you how the Law Of Attraction is valid scientifically. Get Started Here

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Video: How Brainwave Frequencies Can Change Your Life

This short video shows the incredible world of Brainwave Entrainment that can raise your ‘vibration’ for success! Get Started Here

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Calming The Fear

by Gail Jones: Intuitive Coach, Workshop Leader and Insightful Writer Despite our best intentions for positive thinking, there are times in life when we can start sinking into that “rabbit hole” of

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