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Category Archives for Phobias

8 Ways to Overcome Your Fears

by Panache DesaiYou are a Divine being and your nature is to express your authentic Self in the world. You are a beacon of light and in any moment you have the ability to regain momentum and move into

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Monsters Under the Bed: Real or Imagined…Send Them Packing!

by Marc Gilson,  Director of Client Services, Centerpointe Research Institute When I was four years old, I was convinced that there was a monster living under my bed. I didn’t know exactly what

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How To Be Master Procrastinator (Read This Later!)

Here’s a quick question to ask yourself: what have you not done this week that you planned to? The reality is that most people procrastinate for a wide variety of reasons. The first major one is

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How To Change Your Mental State

I often get asked, what do people want the most in life? This is really quite an open ended question because everyone is different. The most simple answer is threefold: People want happiness People want

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