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Category Archives for Brain Health

7 Essential Oils And Brain Health

In this article we look at Essential Oils And Brain HealthYou probably know how good essentials oils smell and that they can lift your mood. But did you know that essential oils can actually improve your

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What Happens to Your Brain When You Learn?

By Ryan Standifird, Centerpointe Research InstituteIntroductionOur brains are constantly changing, growing, and evolving - in a process known as neuroplasticity.If you meditate (especially with Holosync®)

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5 Keys To Managing Your Unhelpful Thoughts

5 Keys To Managing Your Unhelpful ThoughtsIt never seems to fail. You’re trying to concentrate on your work, but your mind wanders off to a completely unrelated topic. Or, maybe you’re about to go

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How To Stay Calm in Any Situation

How To Stay Calm in Any SituationHave you ever noticed that some people stay calm under pressure much better than others? Would you like to become one of those people?Everyone has a different tolerance

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Walking The Brain: 8 Ways To Improve Your Brain By Walking

Walking The Brain - 8 Ways To Improve Your Brain By WalkingYour Brain Needs A Walk?It may surprise you to hear that something as simple as walking can improve your brainpower. It doesn’t even have to

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