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    ​My Story

    Nick Turner

    ​Nick Turner

    Master Coach 2

    ​Yes, I was born!

    I became a ​Coach because I wanted to share what I have learned about life over the years. I am passionate ​​and deliver powerful results for ​my clients.

    I spent my early years in the Adelaide western suburbs and had a grandmother who was very ambitious for all her family. I was to be the ‘concert pianist’ of the family! Yes, I was very interested in music from an early age but was not gifted enough to be that pianist!

    When I left school I really didn’t know what I wanted to do in life, so I did what the teacher told me and went into Radiography - my father was a skin specialist so ‘medicine’ was kind of in the family... except that it wasn’t!

    My father was the actually first of his kind in the family - all the rest were teachers or salespeople! My maternal grandfather was a local businessman who was into what we now call the supply chain and logistics, and my paternal grandfather was the State Manager for a vacuum cleaner company.

    I soon learned that ‘Radiography’ (​more specifically ‘Nuclear Medicine’) was not for me, and at the tender age of 30 decided to do an Arts degree with a music major. This fed my interest in music from earlier on, but after awhile I realized I couldn’t make a living from this activity.

    In order to make a living, I got into all sorts of ‘business opportunities’ including Amway, from which sprung my interest in Personal Development.

    However, ’Business Opportunities’ itself was also a dead end for a number of reasons, but I definitely learned more about business than if I had gone to business school.

    I settled on a career in IT, first with database development and then into IT Support. My interest in personal development was of great assistance when working with people on a help desk with a major IT firm,

    A few years ago I was made redundant, ​and since then I have ​ventured into Life Coaching, not only as a way to make a living, but as a way to empower myself, and more importantly to empower others. I have found a way to put all the pieces of my life together and synthesize something truly amazing!

    We all go through life, and we all experience the ups and the downs. At some time we all experience adversity, and with that I quote Napoleon Hill:

    ‘Every adversity brings with it the seeds of an equivalent advantage’.