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Category Archives for Laughter And Humour

Laugh At Yourself: How To Make It Easy!

When you laugh at yourself it can be quite liberating.Instead of feeling frustrated by your shortcomings or embarrassed about looking foolish, you can experience a little amusement when things go awry.Plus,

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Laugh Your Way to Good Health: The Many Health Benefits of Laughter

Laugh Your Way To Good Health - in this article we look at the many health benefits of laughter.Everybody enjoys a good laugh, whether it’s from a sitcom on TV, a live comedy show, or because a friend

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8 Reasons to Develop a Sense of Humour

8 Serious Reasons to Develop a Sense of HumourIf you’re interested in enhancing your health, brain, social life, and mood, try laughing more. Having a good sense of humour is beneficial to multiple aspects

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‘I Love To Laugh’ – The Joy Of Laughter

"Laughter is the best medicine" is a phrase that dates back to biblical times as an old Proverb and it's still widely used today all over the world. That's because it's true!Let's take a look at what happens

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