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Your Essential Richness – Part 5: Expect To Thrive

Expect To Thrive: Scaling Up

Expect To Thrive!

Expect to thrive! So far in this series we’ve talked about money and prosperity, and how much of it is enough for you. 

We’ve also looked at some techniques to go about getting what you want - from creating an image - either visual or aural - to having faith that your desired goals will be achieved.

Today we go on further to talk about creating the expectation of abundance.

Like faith, expectation is a mechanism of the mind that spurs you on to achieve your desires - whether it be in a monetary or non monetary way.

But like a lot of things, expectation can work either for you or against you. You can expect a victory, or you can expect a defeat.

Whatever your expectations, they most likely pan out. So if you want abundance or richness, it then follows that you should expect it.

Expect To Thrive: Money Growth

Expect To Thrive - Setting Goals

When you formulate a goal, for instance, you always state it in the present tense despite it not having been achieved yet.

This sets up an expectation that factors in when you actually go about achieving the goal. You are ‘acting as-if’.

Again, when you expect something - particularly when that thing is as a result of your actions, you usually get it.

And that’s the point - there are 2 major factors at work when achieving any goal. These are 

1) desire and

2) expectation

If you have neither of these, you will not achieve your goal. Even if you have only one of these, you most likely will not achieve it either.

Desire without expectation is merely wishful thinking. And expectation without desire is unheard of - unless you want to fail!

Expect To Thrive: Flower

Summing Up

Earl Nightingale tells the story of a man who was a successful restauranteur.

A reporter asked him “At what point did you become successful?”, to which he replied “I was successful when I was sleeping on a park bench because I knew where I was and I knew where I was going.”

Bob Proctor in his book ‘You Were Born Rich’ sums it up thus:

“There are three certain steps for achieving prosperity in all areas of your life.

  1. Build the image in your mind. 
  2. Turn it over to Spirit (Let Go And Let God). 
  3. Expect with your heart and soul that Spirit will reward you openly for your faith.”

So all up, if you want to become rich, you must set up the expectation of being rich.

Combined with faith and conviction, it is a very powerful motivating factor towards your essential richness.

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