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How Do You Magnify The Mind?

Have you ever wondered how some people can get huge things done without even the hint of effort? And yet, others struggle along telling themselves to ‘just try harder’ and get absolutely nowhere!In

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Practise what you Preach… The Power of Praxis!

Have you ever heard the saying ‘Practice what you preach?”Sure, it’s certainly a common enough saying, but what does it really mean?When it comes to getting the results you want in life, there is

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Greek Philosopher Aristotle

The Wisdom of Seeking Moderation In All Things

In this article we examine the power of moderation.Aristotle - Greek Philosopher  It’s easy to get caught up in pursuing more of everything we enjoy, but many a time, moderation is a better path

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How to Stop Worrying By Using 30 Minutes

In this article we look at how to stop worrying in 5 steps that will take just 30 minutes of your day.Are you a chronic worrier? Worry can wreck your entire day if you let it. But did you know you have

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How To Get Better Results By Changing Your Paradigms

In this article we discuss how to get better results by changing your paradigmIn a recent article we mentioned paradigms as a reason for the knowing-doing gap.With this article, paradigms also play a

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8 Qualities That Support An Optimal Mindset For Personal Growth

Maximising your personal growth is a worthy pursuit. In fact, many people make personal development their primary purpose in life. But even if you just want to smooth up your rough edges, having an effective

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The 10 Step Process For Realising Your Life Purpose – or ‘Do My Goals Really Count?’

In this article we look at a method for realising your life purposeIf you’ve been studying in the ‘Personal Development’ space, you will probably know about goals and how to achieve them.There are

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Setting Healthier Boundaries: 5 Tips

In this article we look at 5 Tips For Setting Healthier Boundaries.What is a Boundary?The obvious answer is 'a line that delineates between one side and another.'In the personal development space, a boundary

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5 tips to help you keep your New Years Resolutions

Do you struggle to keep your New Years resolutions? More than likely as time goes by, the excitement of starting a New Year wanes away and you find yourself back into your old routines.However, with

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‘Time Management’ – The Do’s And Don’t’s!

The late Bob Proctor (1934-2022) used to tell the following story about ‘time management’.When he was working for the Nightingale-Conant seminar company, Bob asked the founder, Earl Nightingale, how

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