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Your Essential Richness Part 3: Form An Image Of What You Want

This is article shows you how to create an image of your essential richness.

Form An Image Of What You Want - Money Burner

1. Introduction

The last two articles focused on your essential richness in terms of money. In that money is a tool of exchange, many of us measure our richness in those terms.

But richness can take other forms - whether it be in relationships or the quality of life or whatever you can think of.

This article focuses on how you might go about increasing your richness.

 If you are familiar with the movie ‘The Secret’, you will be familiar with a ‘plan’ that many people use to get what they want.

I briefly outlined this in the first article. It is also the ‘certain way’ referred to by Wallace Wattles in his book ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’.

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Form An Image Of What You Want - Yacht

2. Create An Image Of What You Want

In this article we are going to look at how you ‘know what you want’ (as per the first part of the formula).

The first thing is to visualise the thing that you want in your mind. That is, form an image of it in your mind.

For instance if you want a nice new car, you can close your eyes and form the image of it in your mind.

The same for a new house or boat.

For less tangible wants, be creative with the image you create. Imagine the sounds of a harmonious relationship, for instance.

Another way is to collect photos of it - it’s amazing what you can find online using a search engine! 

Download them and print them out. Put them up on an ‘image board.’

Alternatively you can save them to your phone and have them pop up at specified times of the day.

So every day you are reminding yourself of the thing you want.

Form An Image Of What You Want - Desire

But what does this actually do for you?

Firstly you are keeping the image of what you want firmly in your conscious mind. It’s a bit like memorisation, only with pictures. 

Secondly you are reinforcing any emotions that you associate with the thing that you want.

The emotional link is key, because it is the most important factor that will drive you towards achieving that goal. However, just 'wishing for it' will not get it for you!

Now, with a ‘quality of life’ kind of goal, the process is a little less tangible. If it is to have a better relationship, the image making may be in the form of sound (see below). 

This can be imagining the conversations you have with loved ones, or the sound of the waves lapping on the boat or the shores of your beach house. 

To help with this, you could record sounds at the beach and replay them in a loop whilst you relax.

Alternatively you could imagine the sound of the voices and conversations in your head. 

Find a quiet place, subdue the lighting and close your eyes.

See the thing you want and feel the feeling of having acquired it.

3. Affirmations - Audible Images

An affirmation is simply a way of putting your wants in such a way that your mind can absorb it and act upon it.

Whilst imaging is visual in nature, affirmations are ‘auditory digital’. In other words they are in the form of sounds that contain information.

You say the affirmation aloud and hear it in your own voice.  If you are visually impaired, your preference will most likely be for sound.

A good general formula for an affirmation might be ‘It is January 20th 2023 and I have a new house’.

Even better is to incorporate some emotive language such as ‘I am so happy and grateful that it is January 20th 2023 and I have a new house’..”

Form An Image Of What You Want - Affirmation

Note, the affirmation should always be in the present tense not in the future. Your mind must believe it has already been achieved. However, it is debatable whether you put a specific date. 

Here is a brief list of affirmations that have to do with wealth and abundance:

  • I'm so happy and grateful that I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams
  • I'm so happy and grateful that money flows freely into my life.
  • I'm so happy and grateful that I am successful and wealthy.
  • I'm so happy and grateful that I am getting wealthier every passing day.
  • I'm so happy and grateful that I accumulate wealth with utmost honesty and integrity.
  • I'm so happy and grateful that I am having the life I’ve always wanted.
  • I'm so happy and grateful that my income increases every single day.
  • I'm so happy and grateful that I put 100% of my efforts into achieving my goals.
  • I'm so happy and grateful that there is abundance all around me.
  • I'm so happy and grateful that I am prosperous and wealthy.

One thing to note about the above is they are all general statements, not specific. Please adapt them to be specific to your situation and desires.

Again the importance of this kind of affirmation is that the emotion is built in. It creates the drive to move you forward to actually achieve the goal. 

Additionally, the incorporation of gratitude into it amplifies the emotion associated with it.

Indeed, Wallace Wattles says:

"The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best; therefore it tends to become the best; it takes the form or character of the best, and will receive the best."

"...The grateful mind continually expects good things, and expectation becomes faith."

As a further tip when creating affirmations, you could reverse the wording to say 'I am grateful and happy...' first, to emphasise your gratitude.

Form An Image Of What You Want - Meditation

4. Meditation

This leads us to meditation. If you’ve ever wondered what meditation is, I could refer you to any number of sites on the topic, or you can simply look them up in a search engine.

Essentially it is a way of quieting your mind so you can concentrate on a specific idea - or nothing at all!

Many people think that meditation is a religious activity that takes hours to complete.

Neither is exclusively true. You can meditate without being religious, and it does not need to take hours.

If you would like to try one such product that fits this bill, check out this site here.

Many people put themselves in the right frame of mind by saying affirmations before they meditate.

Then during the procedure they recall those affirmations to focus on them. It really depends on the ‘school of thought’ which method is preferable.

Needless to say, meditation also has health benefits in that it calms the mind and the body and reduces stress.

Form An Image Of What You Want - Beach

5. Conclusion

A key part of your essential richness is to be able to form an image or sound in your mind of what it is you want in life.

Once that image or sound is present, you are able to feel the emotions associated with having the good.

Thus you will be motivated to obtaining it. By obtaining what you want you are enriching your life - both in a material or an immaterial way.

Form An Image Of What You Want - Wattles Quote 1

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