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The Missing Secret

Recently I listened to an interview with Rhonda Byrne, who created the movie 'The Secret'.

This movie came out in 2006 and was an incredible success not only for her and her team, but for all of the teachers who appeared in it.

If you haven't seen it yet, you should be able to look at it on most streaming services.

I originally saw the movie a few years later and my first impressions were that it was incredibly superficial in its explanation of the Law of Attraction.

However there are some important truths in it that she elaborated on in this interview.

The 'missing piece' is, as she says, your actions that you take to get what you want.

But to her mind, placing yourself in joy, gratitude and other positive mental states is all you need to do to 'attract' success.

I somewhat disagree with her: whilst being positive about what you want is an important condition of success, without actually doing anything, you won't get anything!

Taking responsibility for your actions is a primary condition of success.

If you have a negative attitude (for instance, you have a limiting belief about what you want or can do), this part will sabotage you.

All in all, I think the Law of Attraction should be called 'The Law of Proaction' - be proactive about what you want. Proactively think positive, and take positive action. Remember, if the action fails it is also gives you feedback, and this feedback can help you fine tune your actions.

When Neil Armstrong first went to the Moon in 1969, he was not magically 'attracted' there - there had to be a spaceship built, and when it was launched, the spaceship had many course corrections before it was on the right track to get there.

That's the same with anything you want in life!

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