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Change your paradigm, change your life

Most of us go through life and it is hit or miss whether we get what we want.

And some people perpetually go through life and 'miss'!

Others go through life and always 'hit!'

So how do you explain this?

Well, each of us has a 'paradigm' that underlies our life.

The relevant dictionary definition of a paradigm is 'a way of thinking about something or someone'. Essentially, it is a set of values and beliefs about life.

If you view the human mind as a gigantic computer, a paradigm could be described as a set of programs that lead to a certain outcome.

So those who mainly 'miss' are using a program that always culminates in failure.

Those who succeed are using a 'success' program.

And everyone else is using a mixture of programs, some that work and others that don't work.

Until the 1960's, scientists thought that the brain couldn't change. So if you suffer from a 'failure' paradigm - tough luck, you're stuck with it!

But now we know that the brain can and does change, and with that, you can change your paradigm!

  • If you believe you cannot be successful, your mind will make it so.
  • If you believe you can be successful, your mind will make it so.
  • If you want success, then change your belief so you believe you are successful.

If you want to watch a great video on this subject, check out Bob Proctor's video:

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