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Laws of the Universe #3: The Law Of Attraction

We now come to the most well known (and most written about) of all the Laws of the Universe, the Law Of Attraction.

Much has been said everywhere, so today I'm just providing a précis of what is already known, but with my own twist.

The Law of Attraction states that you attract what you focus on.

There is a fundamental piece missing in this statement, however. The word 'attraction' implies that you are static and 'pull' your goals towards you. In reality a lot of other processes are at play. These are:

Your thinking processes

(See the posts ''Ask, Believe and Receive','The Law of Thinking' and 'Your Internal Map of Reality')

  • Your feelings and desires - which derive from your thoughts
  • Your actions and behaviors.

It's not sufficient just to  focus on what you want - you need to take action towards it.

As I have said before: this law should really be called 'The Law of Proaction' - be proactive about what you want. Proactively think positive, and take positive action.

To flesh out the process further, here are some other attributes and activities you need to 'attract' what you want:


Be personally accountable for your thoughts and actions

Values - What you want should be a reflection of your own values, in other words, what is important to you, not someone else.


What you believe about what you want will determine if you get it or not.


Knowledge of the present moment is as important as the goal you seek.


Focusing on the good in your life is important.


Every commitment you make and every challenge you face becomes a goal, to be knocked down like a domino. Every knockdown is a success for you to celebrate.


I apply this definition broadly to include all your senses - how will getting your goal feel, look like, sound like, taste like or smell like!

Many of the above attributes expand out from 'thinking' and others expand out from 'actions' and together they complete the picture.

So as you can see, there is more to the Law of Attraction than just 'wishing' or 'manifesting' it into existence!

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