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Laws Of The Universe #5: The Law Of Increase

The Law Of Increase is the 5th of the so-called 'Laws of the Universe.'

As a reminder, a 'law' is any statement of principle that is generally held to be true by most people - see part 1 of this series for more details.

The Law Of Increase states that whatever you express gratitude for, you'll get more of. Some also call this law 'The Law Of Gratitude' or the 'Law of Appreciation.'

In biblical times the Israelites prayed and made offerings at the altar in order to please their God. They attributed everything good to God and returned this in the form of Praise. They fully expected to 'increase' their existence in the process.

Raymond Hollywell was the author of the book 'Working with the Law' and says this about this Law:

"Praise expands and opens the mind upward, while its opposite, condemnation, contracts and restricts."

Whatever, you don't need to be religious to benefit from the Law of Increase.

People praise their animals, their plants and of course other people. People respond positively to praise and their whole world lifts as a result. And some would also say that praising your flowers makes them bloom better!

Raymond Hollywell

Raymond Hollywell

Similarly if you praise yourself, you will automatically lift your life up immensely.

Conversely if you always criticise yourself, your life will be made worse.

For instance, those who were bullied early in life have difficulty in appreciating themselves. If they are periodically told they are no good, then this is a process of depreciation. Such people go around their life believing they are inferior or incompetent and never achieve their full potential.

The term appreciation is also applied to the financial world. People purchase assets with the view that they will appreciate. A house will improve in value without anything much more than maintenance over the years. Even a simple savings account will grow based on the interest.

How to apply the Law of Increase in your life?

Firstly, appreciate yourself. Without being narcissistic you can repeatedly praise yourself each day, acknowledging simple achievements. For each of your goals, if you celebrate each one or even a milestone on the way to it, it will spur you on to achieve it.

You might like to start a Gratitude Journal - each day write down 6 things you are grateful for - no matter how big or small they are.

Secondly, appreciate others. This is crucial if you have relationships with them whether business or personal. Not only does their self esteem increase, but the entire relationship will prosper as they most likely will respond in kind.

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