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Ask, Believe and Receive

You may have heard this phrase said a few times but what does it really mean?

Well, these three steps are a way of conditioning your subconscious mind for success.

Asking is a way that your mind can focus on what you want. It doesn’t matter ‘who’ you ask – it can be God, your boss (wait: aren’t they the same!) or the Purple Pixie from Palamazoo.

Whatever, you need to state an intention. This can be done through written goals, affirmations or through meditation. This sets up your mind to be receptive to your desired outcome.

Consider what is your current thinking pattern. Are you focusing and experiencing what you would like, or do you criticise and complain about what you don’t have? Again, whatever you focus on will probably manifest!

The next step is Believing. The funny thing about believing something is, for the believer, it is always true! So if you choose to believe in the Tooth Fairy, it exists for you. If you believe the world is out to get you, it probably is.

If you have a positive belief about what you want, you will most likely take the required action, and vice versa.

Finally, once the action has been taken, there will be a Result. This will be either what you wanted or not what you wanted.

If it is what you wanted, Congratulations!

If not, have a look at your actions, adjust them accordingly and keep doing this until you Receive what you want.

Have A Happy Day!