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Laws Of The Universe #4: The Law of Receiving

If you've ever noticed that your life is not panning out the way you would like, consider what you are giving out to the world. Are you giving out positive things - and in this I mean positive thoughts and actions - or are you giving out negative thoughts and actions?

The Law of Receiving states (colloquially): "Whatever you are doing, it'll come back atcha!"

More 'Officially', The Law of Receiving States that "You Receive what you Give." In other words, this Law could also be called 'The Law of Reciprocity.'

The Law is stated in many ways, one of which is the so-called 'Golden Rule,' which can be found in the Christian Bible in many places:

'Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.' (Matthew 7:12)

It also appears in other places such as Galatians 6:7 and Luke 6:31.

However it is not restricted to Western Religion and Philosophy. It appears in the ancient writings of Babylon and in the works of the Chinese philosopher Confucius, as well as in Indian philosophy (as Karma)  thus indicating this is a universal human concept.

You might notice some similarities of the Law of Receiving with the Law Of Attraction - indeed many could conclude they are one and the same thing. However, in my opinion, with the Law of Receiving you are more actively and consciously playing a role in the outcomes you are getting (i.e. 'Doing' vs 'Thinking.')

For example, if you are being an 'utter bastard,' those around you will reciprocate - some may fight you and others will abandon you.

If you are being kind and generous, the same will happen - others will accept graciously and 'give back' when the time comes.

Note here that 'giving back' does not imply that they 'took' from you (as in theft). Many people who retire and do volunteer work are often misguided in this respect. They forget that for their entire working life they were always giving anyway.

Things can be mucked up if you have an attitude of 'Getting' rather than one of 'Giving,' - you may not get what you want because the other party will not have received anything. After all, you truly don't get anything for free even though you see plenty of 'free offers' in sales, for instance. In reality they are giving to you in advance so you will possibly buy something from them in the future.

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill makes the Law very plain in 'Think and Grow Rich' - when he talks about what you need to do to 'Get' what you want:

"...In return for this money I will give the most efficient service of which I am capable, rendering the fullest possible quantity, and best possible quality of service in the capacity of (describe the service you intend to provide)"

You will note in most financial transactions, the goods or services are usually 'given' first and followed immediately by 'payment' (receipt). 'Credit' is only given if the buyer has established it - again by giving goodwill and demonstrating creditworthiness.

Hill also talks about the 'Go-Giver' (as opposed to a 'Go-Getter.')

The Go-Giver gives out more than he or she expects in direct return. The Go-Giver knows that because of the Law of Receiving, he or she can expect an indirect and greater return on the things they 'give out.'

Thus if you are in sales, for instance, providing extra value and service to your clients will be returned in kind, but not necessarily directly from the same client - other than repeat business or the referral of their friends to your business. But that's not guaranteed.

It is also important to be 'open to receiving.' Some people have such a low opinion of themselves that they believe they are not worthy to receive. It is not shameful to receive because it is a sign that you previously gave. And to 'willingly give' is not a sacrifice when you know you will eventually receive. The key is to 'willingly give and graciously receive.'

Don't mistake 'giving' as 'altruism.' Altruism means not expecting anything back from what you give - not even in a spiritual sense. Unfortunately most people who claim to be altruists are lying to themselves: they really are expecting something in return from whatever spiritual source they believe in.

So to sum up, the law of receiving requires that in order to receive you

  • Be open to receiving.
  • Give in advance without expectation of a direct receipt.
  • Be grateful for what you receive.

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