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Laws of the Universe #1: The Law of Thinking

Today we consider the first so-called 'Law of the Universe,' The Law of Thinking.

The Law of Thinking states simply that the creations of Man are the products of his thoughts. In other words 'you become what you think about.'

A 'thought' is an idea, which in turn is a piece of conscious activity in the mind that often (but not exclusively) represents itself as an 'internal dialogue' - in other words the 'little voice' in your head.

For instance, the electric light bulb started as a thought by one man - Thomas Edison. The house or apartment you are living in started as an idea by someone to build it.

However, the stuff that we don't like is also a product of our thoughts. When we fear something or worry about the future, we also create that idea in our minds, and often that too becomes a reality.

Thus a thought can either serve or hinder you.

Many have speculated about the true nature of thought and 'what is the nature of consciousness.'

There is one school of thought (pun intended) that claims that thoughts are cosmic waves of energy. The theory also says that when we are in rapport with another individual, we are on the same 'vibrational frequency' as they are. Additionally they claim that our emotional states are merely different frequencies of thought.

However there is little hard proof of any of this. For years people have been trying to prove the existence of telepathy and 'brain waves' to no avail. We do know about the electrical patterns of the brain, such as alpha, theta and delta waves, but so far there is no proof they are transmitted outside the brain.

A more plausible explanation is that your thoughts define your feelings, your feelings lead to your behaviour, and your behaviour leads to an outcome - whether desired or not.

When in rapport with other people, your behaviour is observed by them, who respond according to their own thoughts and feelings.

I hope this is a succinct account of this law: it probably doesn't qualify as a law, but more as an axiom that has been observed and accepted as true by many over the centuries.

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