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13 Essentials Of Success: Afterwords

We’ve now come to the end of our series on the 13 Essentials of Success.

The first of these was Desire: the foundational ‘essential’ to achieving what you want. Clearly if you don’t have any desire you won’t get there. Furthermore you need to be specific on what you want. Many people who say they want something may not actually want it, or they may say they want it to satisfy someone else. The desire has to be genuinely your own and must be ‘white hot’ for it to be sustainable.

Next we discussed Faith. Faith is simply a solid belief in both your goal and its achievability, as well as your ability to achieve it. Faith must be unwavering and constant if you are to achieve your goal.

Specialized Knowledge is the knowledge you need to achieve your goal. This is something you need to acquire if you don’t already have it. Much knowledge is taught in our educational system, but a lot of it cannot be learned in school. Some people refer this to the ‘University of Hard Knocks,’ and experience is the great teacher.

When formulating your desire, as well as in the process of achievement, you need to exercise your imagination. Often what we try to achieve has not yet been created so the mind needs to create it first, then you take actions to bring it into reality.

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Organized Planning is the process whereby you bring your ideas into a coherent plan that can be executed. Most businesses have a ‘business plan’ and even the most creative artist still has the end in mind before putting brush to canvas. The plan can be detailed or it can be generalized. Both approaches work depending on the project.

After planning, a decision must be made to proceed. Anyone who is indecisive has most likely not considered their plans fully, or still has self-doubts or disbeliefs about the goal. These hindrances need to be removed to proceed. Often you have to take risks – particularly if the outcome is unknown. Be fully aware of any real risks – financial or otherwise. Once a decision has been made, take action immediately. Don’t delay or you will find yourself making excuses and wandering into the world of procrastination.

Once you are in action, the key to success is persistence. This should not be a problem if your desire is white hot and your faith is unwavering. If you find yourself in this situation, reconsider all the above but most importantly, believe in your goal with all your heart.

The Master MindWe considered the utilization of the ‘Master Mind‘ – enlisting people to help you achieve your goal. You have probably heard the acronym T.E.A.M. – ‘Together Each Achieves More.’ By enlisting others in your service you greatly leverage your efforts towards your goal.

There are a few other essentials to success, but the above are the most important. However we did cover the extras. First we considered how people can channel their energy into the project. Some have described this as sexual transmutation or transformation. However this energy is more general – it is your emotional energy, the gusto and vim that you put into the project. It should be a natural extension of your desire and faith, so if you find you don’t have the energy, then reconsider your original desire: what will your goal ‘get you’ – what value (void) will it fulfill? If you do this regularly your energy will return.

We then considered 3 other aspects of the way you think that defines your path to success.

In parts 12 and 13 we noted the brain and the subconscious mind and its role in being successful.

We considered how to program your mind with autosuggestion, a form of repetition that lays down new pathways in your brain and ‘myelinates them’ – in other words, it makes the memory permanent. Other techniques include Hypnosis, Subliminal Programming and Neurolinguistic Programming.

These techniques try to access the subconscious mind – to discover and the latent desires that are in all of us but which are suppressed by the conscious mind.

We briefly touched on ‘The Sixth Sense’ – an attempt by some of its proponents to explain abilities and behaviors such as telepathy as a further property of the brain. Essentially unprovable, it nevertheless serves as a metaphor for intuition, which is an important part of the success process.

In conclusion, the essentials of success largely involve processes of the mind being transformed into substance through behaviors and action. There’s no magic in it, although some processes are still not completely understood.

Nevertheless, thinking and behaving with these Essentials will bring you success.

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