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13 Essentials For Success: #12 The Brain, and #13 The 6th Sense

Brain ImageThis article follows on from the previous article, The Subconscious Mind. If you want to be successful, you need to realize the power of the brain and the so-called 6th Sense, often called Extrasensory Perception or ESP.

As mentioned previously, there is both a subconscious and conscious mind. In the last 150 years or so we have learned more and more about the brain and the mind that is behind it.

Many people believe in the concept of ‘telepathy.’ However this is more in the sphere of the paranormal than the ‘normal’ as no scientific evidence has been found for its existence. Furthermore, in the entire period from the early 1930’s when J.B. Rhine proposed it, there is a lack of any real theory to explain any so-called psychic phenomena.

Nevertheless. we can still accept ‘telepathy’ (or any other paranormal phenomenon) as a metaphor for what the brain appears to do. As we all know,  there are some phenomena that cannot be explained or accounted for even with modern science.

Brainwave Shots

Some people believe that the brain is a sophisticated sending and receiving station that is in communication with ‘Infinite Intelligence’ (whatever that is). We all have intuition (one of the ‘higher faculties’ – see article #5 – Imagination). Sometime we just ‘know’ that something is going to happen even though there is no clearly definable evidence to support that idea. What makes it spooky is that it often does happen!

You know, you may get a thought or idea in your head about someone, and within a short period of time you get a phone call from them.

The spooky explanation is that you were communicating telepathically. Again, without evidence this doesn’t hold any water.

Nevertheless, it does show that the brain is an incredibly sophisticated organ that can ‘intuit’ (again, see #5 – Imagination) ideas and concepts.

A more scientific explanation (but still not proof) is that the faculty of intuition – defined as a deeply subconscious reasoning mechanism – has been able to predict, somehow, the timing of the phone call from that person.

So how do the brain and ‘6th sense’ become essential for success?

The answer is:

  • Use your brain to imagine, formulate, calculate and construct your success
  • Be receptive to your intuition and do not inwardly censor weird and apparently ludicrous ideas.
  • Always keep an open mind.

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