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10 Tips To Regain Control Over Your Life

Do you feel like your life is careening out of control?

This can be a scary feeling which leaves you feeling helpless and like there is nothing you can do.

That's why you should do everything in your power to regain control over your life. 

Tip 1: Don’t Make Excuses.

If you make a mistake, own up to it. If you were supposed to do something and didn’t, be honest with yourself as to why.

Although it may seem easier to make excuses for yourself, this will make you feel more out of control rather than just owning up to your shortcomings.

Tip 2: Work On Your Weaknesses.

While you are quitting the excuse making, if you find that you have some weaknesses, it’s time to recognise these.

Then you can work on overcoming them so they won’t affect your life in the future.

Tip 3: Don’t Dwell On The Past.

What’s done is done, and if you spend too much time focusing on it, this will make you feel like you are out of control of the path your life is taking.

You need to let the past rest and focus on what is going on in the here and now instead.

Tip 4: Prioritise Your Health.

Being sick all the time will definitely leave you feeling as if you have zero control over your circumstances.

By focusing on healthy eating and exercise, you will keep you and your body healthy - which will keep you feeling in control.

Tip 5: Don’t Let Fear Make Decisions For You.

When you find yourself afraid of something, it’s time to face whatever it is you are afraid of.

This is because avoidance is letting fear speak for you, and this won’t leave you feeling in control over your own life.

Tip 6: Be Independent.

Although depending on someone else can seem easier, it can also keep you feeling like you’ve lost control.

That's because deep down you know that if that person were to disappear, you would struggle. Strive to be independent, which will put you in control of your own life. 

Tip 7: Walk Away.

Is something making you unhappy?

Do you not like how someone is treating you?

Simply walk away. This is a powerful response which is not only better for your own wellbeing, but you will feel both mentally and physically strong in doing so. 

Allowing time away from the problem allows you to re-centre yourself.

When away you can decide whether to re-join the situation or for it to be a permanent thing.

Tip 8: Reward Yourself.

When you find yourself doing well at something in life, even if it is something small, don’t be afraid to reward yourself.

After all, the most important person in your life is you, and you should celebrate your accomplishments!

One such method is to pat yourself on the back (figuratively!). But there are many ways to reward yourself.

Tip 9: Think About What You Say Before You Say It.

Your words have consequences, and when you speak without thinking, it can cause unintended results.

This is why you should think about the things you say before you say them, this way you will be prepared for what may happen as a consequence of your words. 

Tip 10: Love Yourself.

If you don’t like the person you are, then this will certainly lead to you feeling like you aren’t in control of your life.

This is why you need to work to become the person you want to be. To love yourself despite what flaws you may find. Only then can you feel like you are truly the boss of yourself.

Check out this article for more on Self Love.


No matter how out of control of your life you may feel right now, if you apply these 10 tips, you can regain control of your life in no time at all.

Then you will truly be on the road to a life in which you are happier, more successful, and most importantly, in control. 

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