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2 Ways To Master Fear

One of the most common questions people ask is ‘How can I eliminate fear in my life’

Now in some circumstances you probably don’t want to eliminate fear – it is a natural defence against any existential threat.

As humans have become more ‘civilised,’ the existential threats such as from wild animals have receded as we developed the means to defend ourselves.

However, our brain has not developed in the same way. We are still ‘programmed’ to find danger in everything we do. This is the ‘keep safe’ strategy.

Often this attitude has been inherited from parental beliefs and values.

In the modern world we associate fear with ignorance.

For instance, someone who wants to start their own business is often prevented from doing so because of a number of different fears: losing money, looking stupid to family and friends, ‘being rich is evil’, etc.

Bob Proctor says the answer is to

1: Develop a faith or belief in yourself based on understanding.

2: To gain understanding, you need to study.

To get more information from Bob, take a look at his video below: