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Video: How to Reprogram yourself for positivity

I’d like to share an interesting video from Brendon Burchard, who is the author of such books as ‘The Charge’ and ‘The Motivation Manifesto’.

In this video Brendon makes a couple of points about how you can turn things around to the positive.

Say you are in a situation where you start to feel a negative emotion such as fear or anger. The trick, he says is to do the following:

Trick #1

Notice what your thoughts are doing now and ask yourself the question: in what way are these thoughts serving me? In what way do they not serve me?

If they do not serve you, how do you redirect it? Well, simply ask yourself what is the opposite of the feeling you are getting (usually a positive feeling).

Once you determine what that feeling is, think more about that – visualize it (if you are that way inclined), or use your other senses: feelings, sound etc.

The key is to focus on the positive feeling.

For instance, if you are thinking, ‘what if I fail?’, then turn this around to ‘what if I succeed’ and think of all the things that you would experience when you succeed.

You should then do the same exercise again later on that day – focus yourself on this positive feeling again and then ask some powerful questions that support this positive emotion, for example:

  •  What can I feel incredibly grateful for right now?
  •  How could I surprise or flirt with somebody right now?
  • How could I have fun right now?
  • How could I demonstrate love or excellence right now?

Do this 3 times per day over at least 30 days and you will notice profound change in your attitude.

Trick #2:

The second ‘trick’ you can do is to think of three words that describe ‘your ideal self’. For instance, you could be ‘present, excited and bold’

Put these into your phone as an alarm that goes off 3 times a day.

These will always bring them to your attention and keep your positive feelings flowing.

The key to all of this is to understand that the mind partly learns by repetition, and by repeating things like affirmations, you can program yourself to stay in the positive.