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The Power Of Laughter – Lesson 4

Laughter with Friends

One of the ways we feel an almost kinship with some of our dearest friends is through the sharing of humorous experiences that define our relationships.

Laughter helps create new friendships. Have you ever had a preconceived notion about someone, only to have that turned upside down as you and the person broke out laughing together over the same joke?

When we laugh with old friends, we renew and strengthen our bonds.

Have you ever connected with someone from your past and it seemed as though you had never lost touch?

Sharing a common bond and laughing about mutual stories helps restore a dormant friendship.

Laughing with good friends can also be liberating. With a circle of friends in your vicinity, you can feel comfortable that your hearty stomach-wrenching laughter won’t be frowned upon. 

Try these ways to enjoy laughing with your friends:

  1. Leave the kids at home and go out. Treat yourself to drinks, dinner, appetizers, or dessert and connect with your friends.
  2. Invite your friends to a house party. Have your friends come over with a favorite food to share.

    Or host a catalog party where it’s half socializing and half shopping.
  3. Start a game night. This can also work wonders with your family, but can be funnier playing adult-themed games, especially since adults are usually more inhibited than children.

Laughter while Networking

Trying to break the ice at a networking event can be difficult. People are nervous because they don’t know one another and they’re concerned about what inappropriate thing they might say as they try to meet potential customers.

If you’re the host of a networking event, it would be a good idea to build in some ice-breaking activities that will generate laughter. When people in a group are laughing, they’re more inclined to take steps to get to know one another better.

However, beware that your jokes aren’t offensive or that you don’t try too hard to be funny. Working too hard at something you’re not good at naturally is uncomfortable for others to watch.

Is it possible to have a situation where there’s too much laughter? Of course!

If you’re a host for a networking event or a manager at a workplace, too much laughter purely orchestrated to break tensions and encourage partnerships can be a bad thing. 

Laughter that’s not authentic is even worse than uncomfortable laughter.

When you use laughter to break the tension, base it in natural occurrences so that there’s really something to laugh at. Forcing laughter can have a jarring effect.


Laughter is an easy and cost-free way to relieve tension.

Using laughter in appropriate moments can help make difficult family or work situations more bearable.

If you’re using laughter to break the ice for guests, be wary of their comfort level.

Select one or two games where big laughter occurs, but don’t be too adamant about creating that laughter every time.

If you have tender relations at home that need care, think about using laughter to set the mood before attempting to talk about more serious issues.

Laughter won’t make problems at home disappear, but it can soften the mood of those involved, which can lead to more open communication.

When used appropriately, laughter can certainly break the tension at work, with friends, and at home.

Get in the habit of laughing more often!

Use these tips as suggestions to get you started and you’ll soon be finding more and more ways to enjoy your life.

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