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Is There More To Abundance Than Money?

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Is There More To Abundance Than Money?

Some people equate financial success with abundance. Having money may be a significant part of having plenty, but there’s much more to it.

Abundance is a mindset and a belief system. It’s a way of viewing the world, the people in it and yourself. It’s deciding to believe that the universe will provide as long as you hold up your end of the bargain.

You can be wealthy, in great health and as happy as Larry, but still not experience abundance.

Consider these ideas and experience abundance in your life

It's an attitude.

Money is money, but being plentiful is a mindset. It’s a decision to believe that you can have whatever you need, in the quantities you need it. It’s the belief that there is always enough.

It means having an excess of important resources.

True, abundance isn’t just money. It’s also about having enough of the other necessary resources in your life.

This can include things like free time, love, and happiness. Money may be important, but there’s much more to it than money.

Abundance is the belief that there is enough for everyone.

Those obsessed with wealth are often competitive and believe that there’s only a finite amount of wealth to be divided among everyone.

Ultimately these people have a scarcity mentality and their wealth may just be a transient state of affairs.

Abundance has a greater impact on happiness than wealth.

Abundance greatly increases the likelihood of happiness. Great wealth is no more likely to make you happy than a decent middle-class income.

There’s research to support this idea. You can’t make yourself happier by accumulating great wealth.

It avoids attachment.

Abundance lacks attachment. There’s no reason to hold on tightly to what you have if you believe there will always be enough in the future.

With an abundance mindset, you feel comfortable allowing everything to flow into and out of your life.

Life's Purpose - Dreams

An abundance money mindset allows you to dream bigger.

Abundance allows for the biggest of dreams to become a possibility in your mind. Money provides opportunities, but only for those things you can afford.

Abundance takes the possibilities in your life to another level.

It avoids resentment.

With abundance, there’s no reason to be jealous or resentful of someone else’s success. The success of one person can’t negatively impact the success of someone else.

Those with an abundance money mindset are grateful. 

Gratitude is part of abundance. You can’t experience abundance unless you’re grateful for what you have.

Gratitude creates the possibility of receiving even more in the future. How grateful are you right now?

Abundance leads to positive expectations.

When you believe in abundance, you are positive about the future. You expect good things to happen and to continue happening.

How much abundance do you have in your life?

How would you measure it? What does it mean to you? If you can't identify it, you can't acquire it!

Resist the urge to believe that all of your challenges will be solved with money. Once your money issues are solved, you have a whole new set of problems to deal with. You just couldn’t see them before.

For example, you don’t care too much about your unreliable car if you’re in the process of drowning in the lake.

You don’t see your loneliness as a problem if you’re struggling to buy food each month. Money solves certain challenges, but there are more challenges waiting for you.

Abundance Money - Celebration

Abundance can solve far more challenges than money.

Seek abundance in all forms. This is much more powerful than just a large bank account.

If you would like to do a quiz on your own personal abundance score, check out Christian Mickelsen's 'Total Abundance Score' here.

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