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Laws Of The Universe #10: The Law Of Obedience

Today we discuss the 10th 'Law of The Universe', the Law of Obedience.

The image today is taken from one of the Doctor Who series on the Daleks - 'I Obey' is a common phrase that these monster robots keep saying in their rigidly tyrannical and hierarchical society.

But what does the 'Law Of Obedience' say? Are we indeed slaves to 'God' or another higher power, always having to obey regardless of what we think or want?

I'll share with you a few definitions of the word 'obedience' to try and nail down the meaning and to see how it applies to the 'Laws.'

From it means 'to comply with or follow a command, restriction, wish, instruction, etc.' to submit or conform in action to."

Fair enough.

But many people are rebellious enough to disobey - for example, mutineers will disobey the orders of the captain, young boys will rebel against their parents, etc. The consequences of disobeying the laws of mankind can be either good or bad.

The Law of Obedience is fairly narrow in its interpretation of this word 'obedience.' One can indeed be rebellious as above and not get into hot water, but where the Laws of the Universe are concerned, the Law of Obedience means that you must obey the other Laws to survive and thrive.

Consider a few of the Laws we have covered so far in this series.

The Law of Thinking states that the creations of Man are the products of his thoughts. In other words 'you become what you think about.'

If you 'disobey' this Law, what are the consequences? For a start, the only way to 'disobey' the Law of Thinking is to 'not think at all!'

However we all know that we all think - both subconsciously and consciously - so perhaps it is not possible to disobey this law!

And then there's the Law of Infinite Supply. Is it possible to 'disobey' this Law? The answer is probably no. Certainly humans have no way of completely destroying energy (as in the law of conservation of energy), even though we have been able to use fission to 'destroy' matter. In this case, the 'obedience' is built in to the fabric of the universe and the Law cannot be disobeyed.

What about The Law of Attraction? 'You Attract What You Focus On' - is it possible to 'disobey this Law?

Given that our focus is a choice, then whether we choose to focus on something or not, we attract things - both what we want or what we don't want.

I think we're getting the picture here. With all of the above Laws, as well as the rest of them, disobedience of these laws is actually impossible!

So whether we choose to disobey or not, we are unable to!

The Law Of Obedience really says that it is impossible to disobey any of the other Laws of The Universe! More importantly, if we 'attempt' to disobey these laws, then there are usually unintended and often undesirable consequences.

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