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4 Ways NOT to Lose it – Life Principle #2: The Principle Of Threshold

Have you ever had one of those days where - well, it was ONE OF THOSE DAYS!

Just nothing went right, everything went WRONG and you felt like screaming and pulling your hair out!

Yes, I've had many of those days!

Chances are, we were right up at our 'threshold', right up at the precipice!

What do I mean by this? Well, everyone has a threshold or limit to what they can handle from the environment.

Inside our minds we have what is called the 'Internal Map Of Reality', which is how we see and understand the world. Essentially, it is 'subjective reality'.

When the outside world ('Objective' reality) doesn't match with the inside world (Subjective reality) - we can be pushed to our limit ('threshold') of what we can accept, depending on how different they are from each other.

In response, we exhibit a variety of behaviours - anger, depression, anxiety, fear, substance abuse, withdrawal, overeating, etc. Such that we almost fall off the precipice!

So how do we stop getting to our threshold?

We can't!

We are constantly being bombarded with information from the environment and have no control over what is actually there (the objective reality).

All we can do is recognise when we are at the threshold and do the following:

1. Accept things as they are and let them be 'OK'. In other words, don't resist. 

Believe it or not, it is resistance that causes suffering!

Remember, you are the one who decides that your inner peace is just that: it comes from within, not from the outside. it is you who decides to be 'peaceful' or to rage on!

2. Understand that YOU are the one who decides that your inner peace is just that.

It comes from within, not from the outside. It is you who decides whether to be 'peaceful' or whether to 'rage on!'

(That said, most of us are unaware of the mechanisms inside us that cause us to feel rage, sadness, fear, etc)

4. 3. Take up meditation 

When you meditate, you actually raise your threshold, so that what pissed you off a year ago has no effect now!

There are plenty of resources available to teach you how to meditate.

If you want a shortcut, however, visit Centerpointe (founded by the late Bill Harris from 'The Secret') to discover an easy and technological way to meditate.

4. Read, Watch or Listen to such philosophers as Stefan Molyneux.

His Bitchute channel is here.

Note: he often comments on the current political events so if you are averse to politics, remember, he is talking about the issues from a philosophical perspective - don't take sides and you will be OK!


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