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Life Principle #1: Let Everything Be OK

Today I want to address something that we all do but many of us don't know how to 'fix'.

As you are very aware the world is currently going a complete upheaval due to a certain 'pathogen'.

Businesses have been closed down, and both lives and jobs have been lost as a result of government incompetence and overreach.

Prior to that, however, most of us will have already experienced periods in our lives where the sh*t hits the fan. When we experience chaos in one way or another, we either lose it completely or retreat into ourselves.

However, there is a way out. The one way over this is to be aware of the turmoil and 'let it be OK'.

So what do I mean by this?

Well in a nutshell, if you're suffering from anything, it's largely because you are 'resisting'. In the case of turmoil or chaos, your world view (paradigm) is being challenged, and because of your resistance to that change, you suffer.

Indeed, the more we are attached to a certain way of thinking, the more we will suffer when that 'way' is challenged.

'Letting it Be OK' is a way to accept the new reality, even if the outcome is not 'preferred'.

The more we do this, the better we will be able to cope with the change and the more emotionally healthy we will become.

You might want to formulate an affirmation that reinforces this, such as 'The world is changing and I can deal with it, I am OK and everything is OK'

Remember, when chaos is present it means we are in for a period of new growth.

And, as Oscar Wilde once said...

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