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Life Principle #3 – Chaos And Reorganization

Have you noticed how crazy things seem to be these days? Just about nothing makes sense.

But fear not - read further for an explanation!

In Case You Missed It, many observers claim that our current times are chaotic at best!

In fact, life in general has always been chaotic. We all think we can control things, but in the end things often end up controlling us.

It is important to realise that humanity, as well as life in general, goes through periods of stagnation, chaos and finally regrowth to new heights.

For example, the end of the Roman Empire resulted in chaos in Europe until the Renaissance. But the Renaissance was an inevitable result of what went before.

Our current health crisis is also another point of chaos. The governments of the world are trying their best to control the outcome but they are failing as nature takes its course.

Many governments will fall as a result, to be replaced by new and better governments - or perhaps no government at all!

Wouldn't it be great if we could govern ourselves without an external 'government'!

Likewise, the big pharmaceutical companies are failing and people are replacing their products with natural and more effective products.

The established religions are also failing because they can no longer supply an answer to what is happening.

It will be up to each of us to make sense of it all.

"Fear Not", however...

Indeed, if you see chaos in your life, it is a good thing because it usually means that new growth is just around the corner.

Just 'Let Everything Be OK' and accept the process, even to the point of being grateful for it!

Ultimately we will exit this, all the stronger for it!

...a new world awaits us!

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