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Apply These 17 Secret Techniques To Be Rich

One of the many things that people want in life is to ‘be rich.’

Often this is just expressed as being rich financially, but it also has a wider meaning to have a ‘rich and satisfying life.’

In general, having a rich mindset focuses on the positives of what you want, not the negatives.

T. Harv Eker has an extensive list of ways that ‘Rich’ people think that distinguish them from ‘Poor’ people. These can equally be applied to ‘Richness of Life’ as well as in the monetary sense.

So if you want to be ‘Rich’, change your thinking to the following:

  1. Believe: “I create my life,” not “Life happens to me.” (In other words, be at cause not at effect)
  2. Play the game to win, not to “not lose”. (ie, state what you want in the positive)
  3. Be committed to being rich, not just wanting to be rich.
  4. Think big, not small.
  5. Focus on opportunities not obstacles.
  6. Admire rich and successful people, don’t resent them.
  7. Associate yourself with positive and successful people, not with negative or unsuccessful people.
  8. Be willing to promote yourself and the value you can offer, rather than being negative about sales and selling.
  9. Be bigger than you problems.
  10. Be an excellent and gracious receiver.
  11. Choose to get paid based on your results, not your time.
  12. Think “both”, not “either/or”.
  13. Focus on your net worth, not your working income.
  14. Manage your money well.
  15. Have your money work hard for you, not work hard for your money
  16. Act in spite of fear, not in reaction to it.
  17. Constantly learn and grow: there is an infinite amount of knowledge in the universe so you will never know it all!

To Your Prosperity!