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How To Thrive During The 4 Seasons Of Life

As I write it is autumn (fall) here in Australia. Where I live it has been a fairly typical summer – our region has a ‘Mediterranean’ climate similar to California in the US. It is usually hot and dry with highs in the upper 30’s (Celsius – about 90 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit).

However a few weeks ago things really began to cool off – I noticed a ‘chilling in my bones’ that I instinctively ascribe to the changing of the season – which stimulated me to think about the seasons of life.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is in the air – it is the season of new growth, new life. It is the most exciting of all the seasons because there are endless possibilities and endless opportunities.

I say to you: apply this to your life right now. Look around you and ask yourself – what are the possibilities available? Move forward and grow – yourself, your business, your whatever!

Enrol in a class, a seminar, take up a new hobby – do something new! Grow your Mind. Plant those seeds!

Then comes Summer. In summer, we tend to slow down somewhat as the temperature climbs. We are less motivated to do things.

Nevertheless, the seeds need to be watered, nurtured and protected. If you are in the Summer of your life, look around you and take notice: have you sown the seeds of happiness, success, wealth or whatever you want? Are they protected from bugs and vermin – the poisonous ideas that can kill them? Some seeds can still be planted in Summer, but not many!

Come Autumn, the temperature begins to fall. We also realise that Winter may also be around the corner and that we need to harvest our seeds before it arrives.

Additionally, once harvested, they need to be stored in a safe place lest they be destroyed.

However, if you didn’t plant any seeds, or if you didn’t protect them, then you may not reap as good a harvest as you would have liked, or even at all! Additionally, you will be more exposed to the ravages of Winter. In this case, rug up!

And then Winter arrives – with a vengeance! If you have done your due diligence, you have a head start over others. You have seeds stored in the granary in order to make your bread and get through the winter.

But if you never planted, nurtured or stored any seeds, you’re really in trouble. Depending on the severity of Winter, you may or may not survive!

However, the good news is: Spring is just around the corner!