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4 Ways To Focus and Grow

Have you ever noticed there are times when you are totally absorbed in a project or task, yet there are other times where you are totally distracted and cannot focus at all?

There are 4 ways we behave in relation to focus that can be also be considered phases of personal growth.

Type 1 is called ‘Open Expansion’. It’s the time when we are totally open to new ideas, new people and we are often distracted by many different things. Our focus level is somewhat limited.

Type 2 is called ‘Forward Expansion’. This is when we pick an idea and start to move toward it. We are still open to new ideas but we are moving in a certain direction. Our level of focus is still broad,  but enough to move us forward.

Type 3 is called ‘Forward Focus’. When the benefits of that idea become clear, we begin to focus more fully on the idea. We also limit our acceptance of new ideas, but still have a degree of openness.

Type 4 is called ‘Narrow Focus’. In this phase, we eliminate all distraction and focus totally on the goal at hand.

In life, all 4 types of behaviour can happen in any order. However, if something does not appear to be going well for you, consider what phase you are in and whether to pick another.

For instance if you are being distracted from a project, recognise this and be OK with it.

You can put your project aside temporarily to explore new ideas without feeling guilt. You never know what these ideas will bring you and they could be beneficial to your current project.