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5 Things Stopping You Getting What You Want (Part 2 of 2)

Previously we looked at 2 of the 5 things that Prevent You Getting What You Want: ‘Everything is fine’ and ‘I’ve reached my income limit’.

You can find Part One here

So we continue below.

3: ‘My Best Days Are Behind Me’

This is a common trap that people get into from about the age of 40 onwards – often referred to as the ‘Mid Life Crisis’. They feel that they’ve wasted their time on earth and there’s not enough time left to start a new career, a new relationship, improve their health, or accumulate money.

I was in this situation myself: a career in IT was not working out for me as technology kept changing faster than I could re-educate myself. I eventually left my job in my mid 50’s and became a Life Coach. I had to have a ‘paradigm shift’ to get there, but since then I have never looked back.

We live in an age where modern medical knowledge and technology will expand the human lifespan to years beyond what was expected even 20 years ago. I have an ‘impossible goal’ to live to be 150! I like to think like Einstein and think of 5 impossible things every day!

If anything has been more obvious in the last 50 to 60 years is that change is inevitable in life, and being adaptable is the key. Always focus on your strengths. Whilst your skills may be specific to a job or career, these days many skills are transferable and you can always begin afresh as I did.

4. ‘I am unlovable’

This is a fairly common belief even though many people are not consciously aware of it. Often people experience this as loneliness even though they might be very sociable and outgoing.

It is common in people who are serial daters, who keep jumping from partner to partner, those with multiple spouses, etc.

If you are not aware of this feeling but are exhibiting the above behaviour, sit down and really ask yourself: Do I love myself?

If not, change that belief. It is very possible to change beliefs – I mentioned affirmations above, and you could use the ‘burning list’ method above, as well as other techniques as Hypnosis and NLP.

5. ‘I need the World’s approval’

This belief also manifests itself in the form of ‘I need X’s approval’ – where X is an important figure in the person’s life.

It is often hard to detect this because it is a social more to sell ourselves short. (‘Modesty is a virtue,’ your mother or father might have said.)

Often it is tied up with negative feelings of self worth (shame and guilt). People need significance in their life in order to elevate their self image and self worth.

Again, personal insecurity can be remedied by positive self talk and other techniques.

Take a moment to sit down and think about how you feel about yourself, but remember that all people (not just a select few) have infinite potential. When you apply that to yourself, you can say ‘I have infinite potential and nothing can alter that’

Summing up, in response to all of these 5 limiting beliefs, the key is to 1) be aware that you believe it and 2) form a counter belief that serves you.

Affirmations are the easiest (and cheapest) way to change any belief.

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