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What’s The Buzz About Binaural Beats?

You may have heard a bit of buzz about ‘Binaural Beats’ lately. So what are they?

Well, as you are probably aware, our brains function as a network of nerve cells that communicate with each other via electrical impulses.
These impulses actually occur in ‘waves’ just like radio or TV waves.
Depending on what activity we are doing, our brains produce different types of waves:

  • Beta – our normal waking state
  • Alpha – when we are reading or concentrating on a task
  • Theta – when we are about to go to sleep, and which make us very suggestible (they are also produced during hypnosis)
  • Delta – produced when were asleep, but also when we go into a deep meditative state.

Each of these wave types operates at a certain ‘frequency’.

About 30 years ago, scientists found out that they could change the brainwaves we produce by listening to sounds that had ‘beats’ in them.

So what is a ‘beat’? Well if you have ever listened to a piano that’s out of tune, you will hear a ‘beating’ or throbbing sound because two notes are not quite together.

The scientists were able to produce one tone in the left ear, and another tone in the right ear (hence ‘binaural’), and the respective hemispheres of the brain started producing brain waves that were ‘in tune’ with the sounds of both.

But because these tones were ever so slightly ‘out of tune’ with each other and there was ‘beating’, the brain had to make changes to itself in order to cope with the discrepancy.

The response was to make brain waves of the ‘average’ of the two.

But not only this, the brain made whatever the ‘carrier frequency’ (just like every radio station is on a different ‘frequency’) of the sound was.

In essence, the scientists could induce the brain to produce alpha, theta and delta waves simply by progressively changing the carrier frequency and the brain would ‘synchronize’ along with it.

The implications of this technology are immense:

  • It means we can slip on some headphones and listen to a recording that will make us go to sleep, wake up, or become extremely creative.
  • It can also be used for hypnosis or other deep level programming that bypasses the conscious mind.
  • It can be used to change your limiting beliefs or remove other unwanted programming such as phobias and the like.
  • It means we can change our brain and our life to be what WE want!

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Have a perfect day!