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How To Change Your Mental State

I often get asked, what do people want the most in life?

This is really quite an open ended question because everyone is different. The most simple answer is threefold:

  1. People want happiness
  2. People want inner peace
  3. People want success.

The personal development industry has focused itself on these three desires.

Many go the route of philosophy or religion and spirituality, in order to try and understand the mind and the outside world.

Many concentrate on inner peace and focus on meditation.

And the third branch focus on how to be successful at whatever you do or want to get in life.

A lot of us want to change our mental state from whatever (the negatives such as anger, guilt, fear, depression, etc) to whatever we want (happiness, peace and success).

There are many techniques to do so – some technological such as brain wave technology, and others not so – such as traditional meditation, prayer etc.

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