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Video: How to Find Your Life’s Purpose

Are you running around in circles with what to do with your life?

You’re not alone. It is often said that 90% of us ‘react’ to life, instead of ‘pro-act’ to life. We react because we don’t REALLY know what our purpose is, what really brings us fulfillment. Sure we go after more money, or other common things promised by the media or society in general, but because these are not our intrinsic values, we don’t pursue them effectively.

Jack Canfield is one of the teachers in ‘The Secret’ and recently put out a video on this topic. He describes how he came upon what he does through a chain of events, and says that the original work he was doing was unrelated to what he does now. He expands upon what I said above and has a technique you can use to effectively find your true life’s purpose.

Check out the video here.