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The Top 10 Components Of A Success Mindset

Success Mindset

Success starts with your mindset. It goes without saying that different mindsets give different outcomes.

A poor mindset leads to poor results. Conversely a 'success' mindset leads to success.

While your experience, education, and skills can matter a lot, your mindset can make all the difference.

Luckily, anyone can develop a mindset primed for success.

It’s certainly easier and less time consuming than mastering a complex skill!

Create a success mindset for yourself!

Include these components in your mindset:

1. Gratitude

Be grateful of what you have and have already accomplished. Be happy for the success of others.

If you can’t feel happy for others when they are successful, your own success will be limited.

To get into the habit, start a Gratitude Journal and update it daily.

2. Evaluation of risk and reward

Successful people are masters at evaluating risk and reward.

Unsuccessful people either refuse to take any risks, or take on far too much risk for the potential reward.

Neither is a successful way to approach life. Choose a healthy balance between risk and reward.

3. Focus on emotional and physical health

Sacrificing your health for success isn’t true success.

What do you really gain if you achieve your goals but sacrifice your physical or emotional health in the process? 

Know your priorities before chasing success.

Success Mindset: Abundance

4. A success mindset flows with abundance

Successful people believe that there is enough to go around and as a consequence, they generally aren't in competition with others.

They only need to compete with themselves. You’ll maintain a more positive attitude if you believe your dreams are possible.

So ask yourself: what do you believe is possible for you to achieve?

5. Keeping mistakes and failure in the proper context

Believe it or not, failure is not the end of it! Yet failure is guaranteed to happen more often than not.

As Thomas Edison once said...

They key here is to learn from your mistakes and failures and try again. 

6. Growth is a part of a Success Mindset

Being comfortable and placing a priority on growth is a necessary part of success.

Nobody achieves anything new without growing in some way. It might be your skills, attitude, discipline, or courage that need to grow.

Rest assured, if you feel stuck where you are, then something needs to grow.

7. A willingness to be uncomfortable

Growth isn’t pleasant. There will be discomfort as you develop yourself, fail, and make mistakes.

Even success can be uncomfortable. How uncomfortable are you willing to be to become successful?

  • The degree to which you are willing to be uncomfortable will dictate your level of success.
Success Mindset: Positive Attitude

8. A positive attitude fosters a Success Mindset. 

How much are you willing to do if you’re certain you’ll be successful?

A lot.

How much are you willing to do if you don’t have high expectations?

A lot less.

Give yourself and your abilities the benefit of the doubt.

Notice how you think and how you talk to yourself. Is it positive or negative? What impact do you think that has on you?

9. Planning

Success for each person is a precise goal. You’re not going to hit it on accident.

Without a destination in mind and a plan for getting there, you’re relying too much on luck to reasonably expect success.

It helps to have a systematic way of setting your goals, such as the SMART system.

10 A Great Mentor.

It goes without saying that if you want success in something, you need to get a mentor that has achieved success in that area.

A mentor will know what’s important and what’s just noise. Your mindset will be more accurate and effective if guided by a qualified mentor.

Your success will be accelerated once you know that others have trod the same path.

Success Mindset: Frost Quote

Summing Up The Success Mindset

Think about your current mindset and compare that to the results you’re currently experiencing in your life.

Can you see the connection?

If you feel that you have the skills you need to be successful, but still come up short, it might be time to take a look at your mindset.

Anyone can choose their mindset. There are no prerequisites for having a great mindset. You can just choose.

Put your mind into a positive state that aids in your success.

For a more in depth look at Success, check out the series 13 Essentials For Success.

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