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Mental Strength: 9 Signs You’re Mentally Tough

This article looks a highly desirable trait, namely mental strength.

Mental Strength: Pulling Weights

One of the biggest traps we all get in to are categorising or typecasting people into various groups such as 'tall and short', 'fat and thin', etc. Yet we can still perceive some traits that groups of people have in common without creating an identity for them.

One way we can think of people is whether they exhibit mental strength or mental weakness, with mental strength being the most desirable.

But beware, it’s easy for you to think of someone that’s mentally strong and another that’s weak. We all know what that means, but have you considered the actual differences between these two types of people?

The differences are real and significant. There are many things that mentally weak people either can’t or won’t do. Can you guess what these things are?

Mental Strength: Brain Ball

People with mental strength consistently demonstrate these behaviours

1. Getting started

It's really a sign of mental strength when you can actually get started. Mentally strong people do a wonderful job of getting started. They are aggressive starters.

However there are a few people that are good at getting started but quickly run out of gas. This person does a decent job of planning, but never takes the first step when it comes time to take action.

2. Finish the job

Getting started is only part of the battle. People with mental strength are also good at crossing the finish line. Are you one of those people that seems to give up before you complete anything significant? If so, you’re not as mentally strong as you could be.

3. Do the hard things that need to be done

To be successful at anything substantial, it’s necessary to do some difficult things. These difficult things might require a few failed attempts, learning something challenging, or simply doing something that’s uncomfortable.

People without mental strength avoid these types of activities as much as possible.

4. Embrace change

Strong people make the most of change. Weak people avoid change or are paralysed by it.

Change is a wonderful opportunity for growth and progress. Strong people take advantage of change while weak people perceive it to be harmful.

5. Mental Strength: Take risks

Calculated risks are a part of creating massive success. A sure sign of mental strength is to be able to avoid taking foolish risks or playing the game of life too conservatively. Mentally strong people find the optimal middle ground.

Mentally weak people either give in to foolish urges and risk too much, or they are too conservative.

6. Don't resent others success

People with mental strength are comfortable, or even happy when others are successful. Weak-minded people are jealous or resentful of those that do well in life.

7. Mental Strength: Persevere

Mentally weak people give up far too quickly and easily to ever achieve much. Those with stronger minds manage to persevere until they are successful.

8. Say, “no” quickly and easily

Some people have a hard time saying no. However, mentally strong people are able to say “no” when needed and don’t lose any sleep over it. They’re able to stay on track when it comes to their goals.

9.  Delay gratification

The most successful people are able to delay gratification for years. The inability to delay gratification is a serious weakness. If you need to feel good or be rewarded right now, you’ll struggle to ever accomplish anything significant.

Mental Strength: Lombardi Mental Toughness

Mental Strength: In Summary

Mentally strong people have many advantages in the world. They get more done and are more effective at dealing with obstacles. They’re able to refuse requests that are too inconvenient. They persevere when the average person would simply give up. They also leverage change to their advantage.

In short, mentally strong people are able to do the things that mentally weak people won’t do. This is a huge advantage. It’s very difficult for a mentally weak person to compete with someone that is much stronger mentally.

Look at the list above and see where your mental strengths lie. You can learn to be tougher, and the results in your life will improve along with your toughness.

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