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The Secrets to Holiday Happiness


As I write it is Christmas Holidays 2017

However, whenever you are celebrating...

I hope you are enjoying your holidays!

In all the hurly burly of the season, many people get caught up in the mechanics of Christmas or New Years: buying the presents, preparing and cooking the dinner if its your turn, inviting the rellies etc.

Then on the Big Day everything has to go like clockwork, so that family tensions are minimized or even eliminated: don't mention Uncle Fred's big nose or Aunty Hilda's strange big toe.

If you experienced that this year, your most likely not alone!

And yet as the jingle goes, 'Tis The Season To Be Jolly' - we're all expected to be happy and jolly.

Yet a lot of us aren't!

We still all suffer from Holidayitis.

In an effort to 'be' happy, we become 'unhappy'.

So how do you prevent this from happening?

Well, check out this video from Brendon Burchard:

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