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Exploring Your Internal Map Of Reality Part 11: Finale

Internal Map Of Reality: SummaryThis article is a summary of the Internal Map Of Reality series.

Well, we’re at the end of our series on the Internal Map Of Reality. It’s been a long road, but a road well travelled.

We’ve seen how your Map creates what you experience in the world, namely:

  • How you feel
  • How you behave
  • The people and situations you attract or become attracted to
  • The meanings you assign to what happens.

The reason is to become aware of your Map of reality is to become aware of all the above and to make the changes that serve you…

…because awareness creates choice.

If you are aware of

  • what you feel and how it came about, you can change it for the better.
  • how you came to behave a certain way, you can make changes to your behaviour.
  • why you become attracted to people and situations, you can change it.
  • how you assign meanings to events, you can change it.

That is, you can change how you delete, distort or generalise your experiences.

Once you are aware of them, you can change any of the following: 

And you can also use the Internal Map of Reality of others by the process of Modelling.

Awareness Is The Key

Another way you can become aware of your Internal Map is to learn how to meditate.

Meditation is a way to calm the mind, so that you become a sort of ‘observer’ of yourself. You are detached from the events themselves and have no emotional involvement. With this you are able to make the change necessary to live better.

If you would like to see a great interview about Meditation, watch this interview with Eckhart Tolle and Dave Rubin.

(If your browser blocks the embedded video please go to this link)

When most people think of meditation they see images of hermit-like monks sitting down for hours and hours at a time. For westerners this is quite antithetical to our Protestant Work Ethic. ‘What a Waste Of Time!’ they may say.

Internal Map Of Reality: Summary - 2However, scientists have worked out how the brains of experienced meditators are different to non meditators. When someone goes into a meditative state, we produce different brain waves that still the activity of the brain.

And with stillness our awareness expands.

In deep meditation states we produce what are called Delta waves – they have a certain frequency and pattern that is only found when we are asleep.

The good news is this and the other brain wave types can be re-created by the use of sound frequencies. By sending a tone to both ears, with one ear slightly out of sync with the other, the beating effect causes the brain to synchronise its waves with that of the sound waves. This process is called ‘Brain Wave Entrainment’ and takes minutes versus hours for traditional meditation.

By continued use of this technology over a few years, your self awareness becomes much more acute and you can observe yourself creating your life – and with that comes a choice to do what you’ve always done, or to do something else.

Centerpointe LogoIf you would like to experience this new technology for free and understand more about the science then please go here to download a free e-book and demo of the technology.


Wrapping Up

This series has been designed to help you understand your inner workings, with a view to being aware of them and to change them for the better. There has been a lot of information presented, and if you seem to be overwhelmed by it, remember the article on chunking . Revisit these articles as much as you need to. For easy access, use the link to the navigation page here.

Remember, we typically only take in about 80% of something the first time around. But the next time around you get another 80% of the remaining 20%, making 96% on the second exposure and 99.2% on the 3rd round.

Ultimately, it boils down to one of the 9 Principles for Conscious Living  – take responsibility for your mind, and you will be empowered for life.