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How Your Self Image Determines Your Success

In this article we look at how your self-image determines your success

Self Image: Think Positive

You may have heard of the best-selling book ‘Psycho Cybernetics’ by Maxwell Maltz, M.D., F.I.C.S.

Today’s field of psychology considers this book to be one of the most important ever written. 

It’s a refreshing look at the concept of 'self-image' and how you can change your life.

You do this by re-programming the mechanism in your brain that controls your thoughts and behaviour.

Maltz’s theory is that there is a vivid distinction between the brain and the mind.

  • The brain is the ‘machine’ that causes you to function. 
  • The mind is a life force that compels you to use your brain and body to achieve your goals and rise to success.
Self Image: Cyberman

A 'Cyberman' from the Dr Who sci-fi show

Self-Image: The Meaning Of ‘Cybernetic’

The word “Cybernetic” comes from the Greek word for ‘steersman’ - someone who steers a boat. Figuratively, our mind is ‘steering’ us.

Today the term is usually used it to refer to how machines and animals control and communicate. 

For example, a computer is a sophisticated machine that functions by organising itself.

It does this by using feedback mechanisms.

A typical piece of computer programming will look like this:

Self Image: Computer Code

The ‘code’ above is a decision making piece of code.

In line 1 there is a test of the conditions, followed by instructions on what to do next depending on what those conditions are.

Whilst logic applies above, human existence is much more complicated and thus the decisions are more complex to arrive at, and may seem to be illogical at best.

Maltz maintains that whilst we are not a machines, we do have the ability to know ourselves and what makes us tick.

It is our self image that causes us to follow the track we have set ourselves, and is not unlike the autopilot of an aeroplane.

If the plane veers off course for any reason, the autopilot brings it back on course,

It is a fact that those with low self-esteem rarely rise to the top rungs of success.

This is because the 'low esteem' is a learned behaviour that our mind refers to. Our 'autopilot' is keeping us in a state of low esteem

For instance, if we get the idea that we are 'superman', our mind automatically steers us back on the course to mediocrity.

If you are one of these people, you will continue to be plagued unless you recognise this.

It will keep you from the success you could have had. The answer, of course is to use psycho-cybernetics to change your self image - to literally re-program yourself.

Self Image: Positive Thought

Example: How To Rid Yourself Of Negative Thoughts

Firstly you will need to understand how your self image developed.

Secondly you need to change the programming to a self image that empowers you.

Use such techniques as affirmations and even hypnosis.

There are plenty of guides available to assist you in this process.

Do so and you’ll feel more accepting of yourself.

You must remove the negativity from your self image.

You can learn to replace it with a better and more uplifting image of yourself.

Books like 'Psycho Cybernetics' will help you overcome things like low self esteem and self-criticism.

Likewise with other methods such as counselling, courses and other books on the topic.

There are many methods that can help you with your quest to improve your self image.

One method doesn’t fit all. Take your time to look over the various ways that you can begin to enjoy a more vital self image.  

Combine several to see which works best for you.

It won’t happen overnight.

Like any bad habit, self-defeating thoughts must be dealt with every moment of every day until the bad habit is replaced with a good one – and one that will improve your self image.

Self Image: Charles F Glassman Quote

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