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Seven Top Tips To Turn Adversity Into Success

This article includes some powerful tips to help you turn adversity into success. 

It also includes 3 actionable steps you can take right away, and a suggested reading list for those who are looking for even more information. 


It’s not what happens in life that defines you but how you deal with your situations.

You have heard by now the phrase when life gives you lemons turn them into lemonade. 

This is true today as it was whenever the first person coined the phrase. Use the following tips to help you turn adversity into success.

1. Believe in what you are doing

You have heard the classic tale how Thomas Edison continued 10,000 times before getting the light bulb to the way he wanted it.

It’s hard to say if that number became exaggerated over the years, but he likely tried several thousand times at least.

The point is, he believed in what he was doing. When you try something that is untested, you need to take a leap of faith.

Otherwise, it’s too easy to give up on your venture.

2. Learn from your failures

If you ask any successful person how they got that way, they will most likely tell you it’s due to overcoming failures.

They learned from those failures and tried something different. Each iteration, they learned something new from their failures.

They continued until there were no failures.

3. Let others help you

Sometimes, when you face adverse situations, others can help you to turn your situation around.

It’s rare that anyone faces something unique. 

Others have been through what you are going through. Reach out to them.

It’s better to get the help you need than to needlessly struggle with your situation. Some people avoid reaching out because they are embarrassed.

Just remember, those people once went through it, too. They know what you are dealing with.

4. Lower Your Unrealistic Expectations

 If you are facing some adverse situation, it may be due to setting too high an expectation.

You could have tried to accomplish something that is not possible or beyond your current level of skills.

By adjusting your expectations, you may be able to succeed in your situation.

5. Don’t wait to try again

If your adverse situation is due to procrastinating, you can probably figure out you need to stop that behavior.

If you let something build because it’s uncomfortable to deal with, in most cases, the situation will get worse.

7. Learn how to conquer your fears

Often, adversity is due to not taking action because you are fearful.

When you face your fears, you can move past the adverse situation and get on with your life.

Try some daring activities like bungee jumping or skydiving.

The point is to create situations that you would not normally find yourself doing.

Usually, when you overcome one fear, the process helps you to overcome all of them. 

Another aspect to adversity is not being honest with yourself about the situation.

People tend to hide their true feelings or deny that they are facing a situation.

Try some introspective to learn what is truly going on.


Step 1  - Journaling

Create a journal to record when adverse situations occur in your life.

Write down what you were feeling at the time, how you believe you got into those situations, and eventually what you did to resolve them.

When you keep a journal for this reason, it will serve as a guidebook for future adverse situations.

Step 2 - Take A Course Or Seminar

Take a seminar or course on how to stop procrastinating.

You can find courses online or your company may offer them and will cover the cost.

Procrastination is a habit that you spent years developing, so don’t expect to overcome it after one course.

You may need to take several to reinforce the concepts.

Step 3 - Find A Support Group

Find a support group for an adverse situation you may be facing.

You can find these online, or you can search the bulletin boards in your community. 

Consider attending meetings of the support group on an ongoing basis.


MENG JAY, PhD:  "Supernormal: The Untold Story of Adversity and Resilience"

Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant: "Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy"

Marcus Aurelius Anderson: "The Gift of Adversity: Overcoming Paralysis and Pain to Find Purpose"

Cassandra Gaisford: "Bounce: Overcoming Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy"

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