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Guest Post: The Vital 5: Tools You Need for a Better Life

by the late Bill Harris (1950-2018), Founder of Centerpointe Research Institute

Some people bulldoze their way through life, without noticing the consequences of their actions or stopping to consider the vast possibilities they’re capable of achieving.

But you’re not one of those people, are you?

You strive for change, for improvement, for a better life. And for that, I applaud you.

I’ve been on a journey of self discovery and actualisation for 30 years and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Most importantly, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t (the hard way)!

Over the years, I tossed a ton of money and time into a Black Hole of Disappointment searching for tools that would result in substantive, lasting change.

I’m guessing that you have done the same.

I’ve also discovered some invaluable gems along the way. So, here’s the highlight (lowdown, light bulb, Aha!) of my learning in these past three decades:

Real results come from a cohesive, strategic toolkit and a map through the obstacles.

Let me say that again:

Real results come from a cohesive, strategic toolkit and a map through the obstacles.

Which brings me to my point.

I’d like to share with you the top 5 VITAL things I’ve found NECESSARY to systemic, lasting, profound personal change.

First, let me say this: A lot of well-meaning people (and some scammers, too, unfortunately) will lead you to believe that one book, or one class, or one new good habit will change your WHOLE life.

I’m sorry, but that’s simply not true.

I am telling you this based upon my experience helping people overcome their obstacles (including their inner saboteurs) and achieve their dreams.

So, here’s the list:

  1. Find a Mentor
  2. Get Inspired Regularly
  3. Gather Wisdom
  4. Be On the Cutting Edge
  5. Leverage the Power of Community

This combined strategy of resources will put EVERYTHING YOU NEED at your disposal. It will also give you hope and encouragement on your journey, and (I’m quite certain) change your life.

It also helps to have a Strategic Map through the twists and turns of your journey.

Find A Mentor

1. Find a Mentor

Many different people have mentored and inspired me over the years and this asset has been INVALUABLE to my success.

The qualities of this person should include:

  • Profound knowledge of the laws that govern the universe
  • Positive, proven results in his/her own life
  • Accessibility

Your mentor should be someone with whom you can talk once per month, every month (and email any time in between).

Get Inspired Regularly

2. Get Inspired Regularly

You must open your mind to new ideas on a regular basis.

So often, we get stuck in ruts in our lives and once we’re in one, it is really, really hard to get out.

So you need to find a trusted source of inspiration - one that you can count on regularly, with new concepts to absorb and actionable tools that you can apply to your life.

Gather Wisdom

3. Gather Wisdom

You are not alone on this journey. In fact, many of the world’s greatest thought leader struggled mightily before their “Aha!” moment, when everything changed for them.

And they’ve put their wisdom in service of other seekers, like you.

You can leverage the wisdom and targeted advice from brilliant thinkers who’ve gone before you.

You don’t need to start from scratch, reinvent the wheel or find your way in the dark.

But you do need to avoid the garbage, junk science and one-size-fits all strategies.

Make sure the wisdom leaders you are relying on have a proven track record and want the same things for you that you want for yourself.

Be On The Cutting Edge

4. Be on the Cutting Edge

New information, being released at a startling pace, creates changes at a more fundamental level than ever before.

Just a few sources that I’ve researched (and tested for myself) recently include:


Your impulses can be mastered and you can apply self-control to the challenges in everyday life, including:

  • Planning your financial future
  • Making major decisions
  • Overcoming heartbreak
  • Ending procrastination
  • Weight control

Diet and Exercise: 

Get twice the results in half the time? True story. (Tip: Fat isn’t the evil ingredient any more!)


Cutting edge research demonstrates that you can slow–even reverse–the effects of ageing, enabling you to grow younger next year!

BUT, PLEASE, at the risk of repeating myself:

Be wary of anything that promises a one-hit-wonder solution. You have to do the work.

If someone promises you a “magic wand” to fix all your problems, trust me:

It’s garbage, junk science and a shiny, golden ticket straight to The Black Hole of Disappointment I mentioned earlier.

And you do NOT want to waste your time and money there!

5. Leverage the Power of Community

You are who you associate with. One of the great minds of our time, Napoleon Hill, put it this way:

“When a group of individual brains are coordinated and function in Harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual brain in the group.”

You MUST surround yourself with fellow seekers who want the same things out of life that you do, and who SUPPORT YOUR SUCCESS as well as their own.

Connect regularly, share your ideas, your struggles and your successes. This is powerful medicine, because:

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

First coined by the philosopher Aristotle (circa 350 B.C.), this saying later became the guiding principle of Gestalt theory and today defines the modern concept of synergy.

In short: Get connected! Leverage the power of community.

Your Bonus Tool

6. Read (read, read, read)

New ways of approaching life, from the right minds, REALLY helps you bust out of old patterns and deeply absorb new paradigms of thought.

My heartfelt advice: For just ONE HOUR a day, turn off the TV, close your social media app, put down your smartphone, and please, please read.

You will be surprised at the results!

So. There’s my list of The Vital 5: Tools You Need for a Better Life (+1 Bonus).

If any of this sounds right on target to you... that pretty much makes you an extraordinary person.

My last piece of advice to you is this:

Take yourself seriously. You have one life to live this time around. Make it count.

About Bill Harris and Centerpointe

Bill Harris

Founded by the late Bill Harris in 1989, the Institute produces as its flagship a product called ‘Holosync®.’

This is an audio program formulated to recreate the brain wave patterns of experienced meditators.

If you use this program daily, you can achieve the same results in one eighth of the time it takes for traditional meditation.

If you would like to get a free e-book called ‘The New Science Of Super Awareness’ by Bill Harris, please visit this web site.

When you sign up, you will also be able to get the audiobook version for free, as well as a free demo of Holosync®.

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