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Bill Harris: Become A Resource Magnet

Guest Post By Bill Harris (1950-2018), late founder and CEO Of Centerpointe Research Institute.

Bill Harris

Have you noticed that resources easily flow to the successful, and away from the unsuccessful? 

This isn’t the “powerful” taking advantage of the “weak.” It’s a law of nature.

This law applies to everything from bacteria to human beings. Though cruel for the individual, it creates survival for the whole.

If you’re on the wrong side of this law, understanding how it works just might help you reverse the trend.

Let’s start with bacteria. When food is abundant, bacteria chow down and multiply like, well, like bacteria.

Then, when the cupboard’s bare, scouting parties search for more.

Not all succeed, though.

The failures send chemical messages saying “avoid me” - saving the colony’s resources - while successful scouts send messages equivalent to the ten-foot roof-signs on diners saying “EAT!”, at which point the others come running (or, rather, oozing.)


In all living systems, the successful attract resources; the failures repel them.

Baboons at the bottom of the pecking order create hormonal poisons that kill brain cells and lower immune function, creating weakness, illness, ineffectiveness, and lowered status.

Those at the top make hormones and brain chemicals of well-being, confidence, and good health.

They end up with more food, better living conditions and more desirable sexual partners.

Depressed hospital patients, who need the most care, are least likely to attract compassionate attention.

Their complaints, anger, body language, facial expressions, and behavior repel caregivers, while more cheerful ill or dying patients attract better care and more nurturing.

From cells to societies, organisms less useful to the community are programmed to self-destruct.

A Dying Cell

Apoptosis (cell destruction) rids organisms of malfunctioning cells; resources flow to antibodies that deal successfully with invaders and away from those who don’t.

Successful antibodies increase their numbers, while the failures are robbed of food and the ability to multiply. 

At all levels, fairly or unfairly, internal and external resources are withheld from individuals who fail and flow to those who succeed, ensuring that resources are used effectively and creating the greatest amount of success for living organisms.

When an organism overcomes a problem, it receives additional benefits.

Failing to master a challenge, though, activates mental, emotional, behavioural, hormonal, and neurochemical self-destructive mechanisms.

Once you’re on the downward spiral, then, is there a way out?

Yes... if you’re willing to consciously and intentionally go against the grain and do things in a different way.

The brain’s recently discovered ability to change its plasticity allows us to change automatic internal processes, self-destructive chemical responses, and old ways of behaving.

Repeated thoughts, behaviours, or feelings cause the brain to devote more neural real estate to these new functions.

If moving in an unsuccessful, self-destructive direction (physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, or behaviourally), tools and approaches exist that allow us to step out of a self-destructive spiral and move toward a new and successful upward spiral.

Yes, there will be a momentum to overcome. It can, however, be done. 

Four methods I’ve found to be particularly effective:


1. Meditation.

Though nearly any form works, I favour the technological method of meditation my company first offered in 1989 (now used by nearly 2 million people in 193 countries):  Holosync® audio technology  - because it works about eight times faster than traditional meditation. 

Meditation stimulates the same neurochemicals and hormones produced by successful individuals.

These feel-good substances are a large part of what makes life easy for top-of-the-pecking-order types.


2. Exercise

Considerable research shows that, as with meditation, your brain makes more “success” chemicals and hormones when you exercise - increasing your energy, confidence, longevity, and overall health.

3. Eat Right

Your body needs the right fuel to succeed. Losers are drawn to poor food choices, while eating right becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The better you eat, the easier it is to continue doing so. 


4. Awareness

Direct the mindfulness gained from meditation to your own internal processes - observing how they generate your emotions, behaviours, and attraction to certain people and situations, while also creating the meanings you assign to the events of your life.

Awareness creates choice; what you do without awareness happens automatically.

Once these four life areas become a choice, you automatically choose what serves you, which pulls you to the successful side of life.

Winners - to whom resources flow feel different.

Winners generate pleasurable and resourceful emotions and purposeful behaviours, attract people and situations that foster success and add resourceful meanings to whatever happens.

About Centerpointe Research Institute

Founded by the late Bill Harris in 1989, the Institute produces as its flagship a product called ‘Holosync®.’

This is an audio program formulated to recreate the brain wave patterns of experienced meditators.

If you use this program daily, you can achieve the same results in 8 times the time it takes for traditional meditation.

If you would like to get a free e-book called ‘The New Science Of Super Awareness’ by Bill Harris, please visit this web site.

When you sign up, you will also be able to get the audiobook version for free, as well as a free demo of Holosync®.

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